Tuesday, 18 June 2019

- Fake Tan Favourites x F A K E B A K E -

Hey guys, 

As summer is fast approaching, and for me that means still no sunshine, where I live...
I need to resort to getting that golden G L O O O W... From a bottle!

I wanted to show you all my favourite tanning products from Fake Bake,
that I absolutely love!

I'm going to show you guys, 5 of my favourite Fake Bake products, along with a link where you can get them and try them out for yourself!

O R I G I N A L  S E L F  T A N  L O T I O N

This is my go to tan if I'm not using an instant as it just goes on absolutely amazingly! 
The bottle comes with a pair of latex gloves which makes the process of applying so easy.

It has a fab guide colour, so you don't miss a spot! 
It also doesn't have too strong of a smell - I barely notice it.

This was the first Fake Bake product I'd ever tried, I got it in a goody bag from an event 
& the gorgeous pink, had me hooked right away! 

This is a beaut instant tan, that has you glowing in minutes with no need to wash off - which is a HUUUGE win for me - as I often can't be bothered with that! 

It comes with a fab soft mitt, which makes applications flawless! 

Another fab instant number, I love using this if I'm wearing a skirt or shorts - or any outfit that my 
legs are on show - as this product leaves them looking bronzed and glowing!

Just a spray over my legs, has them looking and feeling great - application in seconds!
You can also spray onto a sponge and dab on your face for a great glow there too! 

This is my go to, if I'm wanting a deeper coloured tan! 
It develops in just 4-6 hours, and you look like you've just came back from a week in the Maldives! 

This isn't something for people who normally go for a light tan, as the colour pay off is deep - but SOOO GOOD! 

Also comes with a pair of latex gloves for super easy application! 

And lastly, the newest addition to my FB collection...
Their amazing tanning water! 

Tan stained bedsheets are a thing of the past with this belter..
A clear foam, which smells UNREAAAAL means there is no guide colour, 
so application is a little tricky but it's so worth it not to wake up and 
have your body imprint, staining the bed! 

It comes with the fuzziest, softest tanning mitt, which feels amazing when you are applying! 

So there we have it, my top 5 Fake Bake Faves!

Have you tried any of these?! 
Let us know!

- L x

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