Sunday, 3 March 2019

Oiishi Japanese Cuisine - East Kilbride

Something I really want start doing is restaurant reviews so I thought I'd start with a place that recently opened in East Kilbride - Oiishi.
Japanese/Thai is definitely my favourite cuisine so I was so excited to try here.

For starters we got the chicken katsu temaki and salmon maki. Which is pictured below. Sam also had a side of Korokee which is sweet potato cakes but these never made it into the picture - he was hungry!

For mains I had the Prawn Oiishi sweet chilli noodles and omg guys this was so so good! I already can't wait to go back for this. I hate beansprouts so next time I'll make sure to get it with out. Sam had the steak volcano ramen which was so so hot but so delicious. The meals are plentiful and there is no scrimping with the meat!

During the meal, the staff were great. However when we finished our meal, we struggled to find someone to pay it and as we had the cinema due soon, this was a bit of a pain and we had to go up to the bar to find someone. I think this may be a one of however as they were lovely the rest of the time.

I honestly think this maybe my new fave spot and I've already made plans with my friend Gi to go!

So here are my thoughts:
Food - 5/5 - I'm still dreaming about the prawn chilli noodles!
Staff - 4/5 - dropped one for the disappearing act
Decor - 4/5 - a little asian cliche but still cute and it was spotless
Value - 4/5 - sushi was a little pricey but if it is made on site then it is worth it, I'll try and find out and if it is I will definitely amend this score!
Overall - 17/20

If you have anywhere you love in Glasgow and around let us know so we can check it out!
G x


  1. Omg! This looks soooo yummy! Like ahhh I love prawns, I had a prawn salad this weekend and now your post has def made me want more! The noodles look fantastic and everything about this restaurant and post is great! Glad you had a great time �� ��

    xx Lena |

    1. Thank you Lena! Prawns are my absolute fave! xx