Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Boots Ingredients sheet face mask - Moisturising & Nourishing Review!

Hey guys! If you read my feb faves post you will have read that I'm currently suffering from a lot of skin issues right now & it is starting to tick me right off! 
Something I love to use regular is sheet masks, I feel like they work well and are a lot less messy than your cream packet ones. 
When I was in Boots with my friend the other day I noticed their sheet masks were on offer - 3 for 2 so obviously I had to pick some up!
I picked up the three that I thought would be the best suited for my current skin problems.

I got the (L-R) Charcoal & Willow Bark Cleansing & Purifying, Lotus Flower & Tiger Lily Radiance and Brightening & then the one I will be reviewing today - the Super Hyaluronic Moisturising & Nourishing mask.
You can pick them up here.

Online this is described as 'This specially formulated sheet mask is enriched with Super Hyaluron to help leave your skin moisturised and nourished. Leaves skin feeling moisturised for up to 12 hours.' 

So this isn't a quick fix and it is recommended to do it once a week but lets be real, nothing is really a quick fix is it?

My first thoughts when taking it out the packet was that it is COATED in product, my hands were actually wet trying to apply it. This did make applying the nose section a little hard as the product was making the sheet a little harder to unfold.
However I would definitely rather loads of product and spend another minute sorting the mask, especially when they are only £2.50!

I keep the mask on for roughly 15 minutes and on the black, they advise that instead of rising any remaining product of your face, to just work it in to the skin which I really loved because you may as well make the most of it.

The mask promised 12 hours of moisture and I wish I was brave enough to take a pic of my nasty ass flaky skin as it is so dry that it actually looks like scales! I definitely noticed a difference right away and it did last for a few days, plus it isn't quite as bad as it was. I think this is something that will become a go to treatment of mines and I can't wait to try the other two!

Still cute doh!

So that is my thoughts on this particular mask!
Do you have any fave sheet masks?
Let us know!
G x

masks where purchased by me and are all my own opinions

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