Thursday, 28 February 2019

My February Faves

It has been a looooong time since I done a favourites post so why not share all the things I have been loving this February!


Until I hit the rip old age of 25 I had barely any skin problems, a bit of dryness in winter and some redness here and there but NOW.. my skin is disgusting. Breaking out constantly and so dry. In turn I've been using a few new things to try and remedy this. The moisturiser I have been loving is the, 
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser. 
This has literally been SAVING my skin and the difference after one or two uses is incredible. It is one of those ones were a little really does go a long way. Plus right now it is half price in Boots. Yay!


Too-Faced Better than Sex & Diamonds Mascara. This really is just the better than sex mascara (which I have loved for years) in fancy packaging but how can you not love this?

Huda Beauty Mauve Obessions Palette.

This isn't really exclusive to Febraury as it is for sure the palette I use the most but I have used it every day of Feb!


RuPaul's Drag Race... I know I know, ten years late to the game! 

I started watching season 1 on netflix and I am literally obsessed. I can't believe I've wasted all this time! Ongina is my queen and Rebecca Glasscock is the devil.

The Simple Life

I watched this wayyyy back in the day but when it was out and when Hayu started streaming it, I was hooked all over again. It's pop culture at its finest!
Sannnnaaa saaa sannnnaa saaaa!

So that is what I have been loving this month!
What about you? Let us know
G x


  1. I've been meaning to start Ru Paul after my friend said it's good! I also love the Too Faced mascara its so good for adding length!

    1. Oh you so should! I've now finished season 4 and everything ! x