Friday, 19 October 2018


Posts I love doing are definitely outfit posts! I love clothes and putting things together and these are posts I love reading also!
The 11th of October was my 25th birthday and on the Saturday, my husband and I went for Thai food at Tiki Bar in Glasgow then some friends came and met us in St Judes for drinks.

Here is what I wore...

I honestly can't take a serious pic, I find it so cringe when I haven't had a drink! 
This gorgeous jumpsuit is from prettylittlething and you can pick it up here.
It has a lovely cut out section in the front but is full at the back. 
It is a lovely material and was only £25. I know I will definetely get my wear from this.
I paired it with high heels but kept these hidden on purpose because I like that look and then my Vivienne Westwood bag I got for my 21st.

Here is me tryna intimidate Cardi B's bday pic as we have the same birthday and I am obsessed with her! 

On a plus note.. If you are looking to go somewhere for drinks in Glasgow, I am LOVING St Judes just now (and this isn't a sponsored post) they have an amazing new cocktail range based on sweeties and I still can't stopping thinking about them! Can't wait to go back.

Keep your eyes peeled for more OOTN & OOTD posts coming!
G x

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