Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Halloween Night In Movies!

Hey Dolls! Every year for Halloween my husband and I binge watch scary movies and cuddle up with pizza and popcorn. I love these night as I LOVE horror flicks (& I really love pizza and popcorn). So here is some horror movies I love in case you guys are wanting to have a binge night too!

1) Halloween (1978)
This was the first proper horror movie I seen, I watched this when my siblings and I stayed over at my grandparents one night. My brother - who is the youngest out of us was 7 at the time - still hates it to this day and the theme sends chills up my spine. Let's not judge my grandparents on their usual movie pick for children as I love it to this day and it will forever remain my number one horror film. Michael Myers will forever scare the shit outta me and Jamie Lee Curtis will forever be a bad bitch.
PS I just seen the new one and I really does the original justice unlike the others that I refuse to even give the time of day to!

2) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Like Halloween I feel like this really needs no explanation. Who doesn't know Freddy Krueger? The slasher films are my favourites as I think the idea of a murderer over things like ghosts and paranormal things are much more scary and realistic. A Nightmare on Elm Street I guess can come under both those categories though as Freddy comes after you when you are asleep - not a lot is scarier than that!

3) Scream (1996)
The second Wes Craven movie to make the list and I'm sure all horror movie fans can agree the man was a genius. Scream has everything a good horror needs in my book - a scary costumes, a bad bitch who doesn't go down without a fight and a twist at the end.
& boy does this have a belter of a twist at the end!

4) Sinister (2012)
I do love slasher more but this paranormal flick makes me want to cry!
Tapes are played showing varies murders and at some points the projector showing them plays things on its own and it really gets me! I can't really say more without giving spoilers away but honestly it is haunting.

5) The Babadook (2014)
An evil character comes to life through a book and if that doesn't give you the heepies jeepies I don't know what will. Is nothing sacred anymore!? It truly, in my opinion, is one of the best horrors of the naughties and tens as it is completely different from everything else out there in my eyes.

If you don't like scary movies, here are some family friendly options that I love...

1) Hocus Pocus (1993)

2) Casper (1996)

3) Scooby- Doo (2002)

If you are like me I recommend getting a Kevin McCallister cheeeeese pizza all to yourself with some snacks and a blanket to retire for the whole day! But let's maybe leave Kevin out again until it is time for a Christmas movies post!

Let us know what your halloween plans are!
This is the first year in 7 years I've not went out for it or dressed up - so sad!
So if you are dressing up let us see your costumes!

Until then,
G x

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