Wednesday, 17 October 2018

50 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I know I say all the time that I am desperate to get back to blogging regularly but I really do mean it so I thought I would get back in with a little facts posts.. So here is somethings you never knew about me...

1. I have a big family including 12 cousins

2. My niece Ava is the most important person in my life

3. I have been with my now husband since I was just 17!

4. I have four tattoos and I'm booked into get my 5th on Saturday even though I said I was done..

5. My whole obsession with all things beauty/make up started by watching Blair Fowler aka JuicyStar07 on youtube. Youtube geeks probably won't even know who that is anymore.

6.  I have never been in trouble, even in high school I never had a detention or a 'punnie' as it is called in Scotland.. the thought of it used to give me extreme anxiety.

7. Speaking of anxiety, I am early for everything as the thought of being late makes me feel sick.

8. I am a dyno baker. I think that may be why Sam married me.. I may even do a few baking posts!

9. I have the best pop culture memory. My friend Chloe said 'The world will end before you forget the name of some random actor/actress that was in that one film in 2003' and it makes me laugh every time I think of it.

10.  I had my eyes lasered. Still can't see though!

11. I think Gin & Tonic is over rated

12. As is guacamole and avocados in general

13. I was in a netball team when I was younger and we came in second in our local tournament.

14. If it wouldn't cost £2588433256/require a big car/a big house I would love a minimum of 4 children.

15. I have an addiction to acrylic nails

16. Right now I would probably qualify for snog, marry, avoid for a make under. I have.. fake hair, fake nails, fake tan & eyelash extensions.

17. I would love to get my teeth veneered but I'm scared of looking like a horse.

18. So far this year I have read 63 books.

19. I was a natural blonde up until I was about 9/10.

20. I don't understand how anyone can sleep with lights on. I need my room to be pitch black.

21. My favourite cocktail is a French Martini or a skinny Woo Woo.

22. I watch the movie Sing at least twice a month.

23. A poem that I wrote was published with a few other kids from my school district.

24. I cannot do maths to save myself.

25. I could live off ramen.. or square sausages.

26. I have seen 5% of the world which doesn't sound a lot but I have been to - Cyprus, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, The Vactican, Thailand, UAE & South Africa. 

27. I have been to 10 states - Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee & Texas.

28. I would love to write a book

29. I've been lucky enough to see 5 shows on Broadway & the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

30. I would give anything to have a home in Manhattan.

31. Lemon candles are my favourite - unless its winter then its all baked scents.

32. I have an insane make up stash which includes around 55 mac lipsticks and 25 kylie lipkits. I really should do an updated vanity tour!

33. I love old school horror movies, Michael Myers from Halloween is my biggest fear!

34. But really my biggest fear is being buried alive or looking back into a mirror and something being behind me!

35. I HATE social media, I truly believe that is why our generation suffer so highly from depression and anxiety and people base their worth on their likes.

36. I'm an exercise freak and work out minimum 5 days a week.

37. I'm a cookie monster! Subway, millies, homemade - it is my weakness.

38. My fave fast food is definitely dominos but I do love subway!

39. I love making lists and ticking things off.

40. Jacqueline Wilson is the reason I am such a book geek. My faves were the Girls series, Bed & Breakfast Star, Bad Girls, The Lottie Project, Sleepovers, Secrets, Lola Rose, Candyfloss, Clean Break & Cookie. 

41. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer make my skin crawl. I literally have to turn the channel when I see Amy Schumer.

42. My family made an application for me to be on the TV show 'Catchphrase' cos I am bomb at it.

43. Dates like bowling and mini golf are my fave - they make other people cringe but I love them.

44. American mall food courts are my dream - I love a sample!

45. Adam Sandler could punch me in the face and I'd still adore him.

46. I hate ironing and doing laundry but love cleaning bathrooms. You could eat your dinner of my lavvy!

47. My memory is so insane, I can remember a conversation from years ago.

48. I truly believe Lauren Conrad quotes will also be relevant - how was she wiser at 19/20 than I will ever be!

49. I would love to get my boobs done

50. I would die for my loved ones.

There you go guys! Some things you probably won't know about me and probably never wanted to ha! Let us know if you share any of the same feelings and traits!

Until next time, 
G x

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