Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Our Wedding Day!

Wow... it has been a month of Sunday's since there has been a post up on this page. I have my personal reason for it and if I'm feeling a bit braver, I may post about what has really going on in my life but I will ease in with a little easy post about the happiest day of my life.

If you have been on this blog before, you may have seen all my wedding planning/idea posts which were some of the funnest I have done and I really loved wedding planning! 
We originally were getting married in the Vu in Bathgate, Scotland but after some severe family drama on my husband's side, we decided to get married abroad with just our wedding party and my family. After looking online, we decided on the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus.

This was our beautiful ceremony location on the Sunset Pier at Elias Beach Hotel. All decorated in our colours. 

Our beautiful 'getting ready' pictures. How cute is my niece!! Plus I'm so obsessed with these personalised robes I got all the girls.

My handsome husband and his groomsmen!

My wonderful parents. Getting ready to go!

My girls walking down the aisle.

My dad walking me down to my new husband. My first love!

Husband and Wife.

Our first kiss and husband and wife and then signing the register!

We did it!

All our amazing family

My sisters and my maids of honour. 

My best friend of over a decade - Caitlyn, fanning me down in the 40 degree heat.

Seven years, one house, one engagement, one wedding and a whole lot of love.

Then it was off to our amazing reception venue. Our wedding planner organised all this from just speaking to us over in Scotland!
We used pictures of everyone as their place setting and these were then stuck in our guest book that my bridesmaid Nicola spent hours with making sure everyone filled it in!

My dad's speech, Sam's speech and then Sam's best man - Declan's speech. They were all so perfect.

Our first dance - Ed Sheeran's Perfect. I had arranged for these fireworks/sparklers to go off and Sam had no idea!

Our father/daughter dance which was Heartland's I Loved Her First.If you haven't heard it, you can here it is so emotional and everyone was crying! My mum popped into dance with her new son Sam!

Now these pictures are without a doubt my favourite. We weren't supposed to have these but our photographer made us late so done them for free and thank god! They are stunning (if I do say so myself!)

My gorgeous dress! The first one I tried on and I knew it was mines. 

So these are some moments of our special day. I have more but want to keep some just for us and also noone wants to see 400 wedding pics right?? It was perfect from start to finish. I always wanted a small wedding so only having around 40 people there - even though we couldn't invite some of our family and best friends - it was perfect. My idea of hell would be never seeing my husband on our wedding day due to having to work the room so this way we got to spend loads of time together which is what you want when you are just married!
Plus we are having a home reception this weekend to see all our loved ones and I get to wear my dress again - bonus!

Hopefully I will be back in business and posting a lot more regularly again but maybe if I post what has been happening with me, it will make more sense as to why I'm a bit more 'unplugged'. Even all my social media is gone!

But for now - if anyone reads this and is considering an abroad wedding - do it! It was so easy and you get a ready made wedding planner with your venue! If you have any questions about it don't hesitate to contact us!

G x