Monday, 12 February 2018

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lippy!

Another day, another purple lipstick!
Today's post is all about the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick in 'One of the Boyz'

I picked this up on my trip to Dubai and I have wore it at least once a week since I have been home, I am obsessed.

The packaging is super cute. I love the copper affect and how it isn't like your every day standard lipstick bullet as we don't expect your every day product when it comes to RiRi do we?! It is so sleek and skinny and I am all about that life, you could carry this about with you everywhere even if you didn't want to take out a bag. Can we also talk about how cute the embossed FB is on the top of the casing?

'One of the Boyz' is described by the Fenty website as a 'wild lilac' and it is definitely a lilac toned purple which I love as it is something different to the strong bold purples I have in my collection and makes it easier to wear everyday. I only have one other lilac in my collection and it is the Mac X Nicki Minaj Viva Glam from a few years back. This is my favourite out of the two as I just feel like this one is so much more wearable as the Nicki one is a lot lighter.

This is probably the most comfortable matte lipstick I have ever wore, it honestly doesn't feel like a matte when it is on the lips, that you could be fooled into thinking this is a satin. It packs the full punch of pigment that comes with a matte lipstick with the comfort of a satin and I am really mind blown as to how Rihanna and her team have done this! It is so light weight and dreamy that I don't get the usual cracked or sore lips that sometimes comes with wearing matte lipsticks constantly.

The best thing about the mattemoiselle lipsticks is that we know how it will look on all skintones due to Rihanna's amazing range of models and swatches on her website and social media platforms.

These go for £16 which I think is so reasonable as it really is an amazing product, the Kylie Cosmetic's creme lipsticks go for $17 just for a comparison with another celeb make up brand.

I am lusting after every one of these shades. I NEED 'Up 2 No Good', 'PMS', 'MA Damn' asap however!

I know I have said it all already but I truly am obsessed with this. This may take over as my favourite ever purple and I thought MAC's 'Heroine' would always be my one!
Do you guys own any mattemoiselle shades? Which one?
Let us know so we can see what to pick up next!
Till next time!
G x

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