Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Ways to Give Back This Christmas in Glasgow!

Hi Guys! One of the things I am so passionate about is helping out and giving back at Christmas. It is the season of giving after all and I think it is so easy to get caught up in all the other cosy aspects of the holiday season, that sometimes we over look those less fortunate than ourselves.  
I personally chose to help closer to home and pick Glasgow - my home town every year to help out in but I'm sure some of these places will be doing things nation wide.
The use of food banks and child poverty is rising and rising in Glasgow and honestly any little thing helps. Here are ways to help out this year:

1) Lord Provost's Christmas Food Bank & New Toy Appeal
This takes place every year and one I personally donate to every year. 
This year they are looking for donates of:
  • non-perishable food items and toiletries which will go to the food banks in the city
  • toys, gifts & selection boxes (preferably unwrapped) - please remember older children and teenagers too and these will go to families in need in the city.

This is such a good cause as this helps all types of people all over the city and you know exactly where the help goes to.
You can make drop offs at:
  • City Chambers main reception
  • 231 George Street
  • 220 High Street
  • Commonwealth House

They will be accepting donations up until the 14th of December!

2) Tesco Supermarkets
Ok so the 1st one will definitely be the one I have the most information on as I have donated for 5 years now but I will try my best to give as much details for the rest as possible!
I can't speak for every single tesco (obviously I haven't been to them all in the UK)! But all the Tesco's local to myself have regular food donation stations at the front of the store, close to the doors where you can leave all kinds of non perishable foods. More recently they have had 'toy banks' in their stores in which you can hand in toys to be sent out to children at Christmas time. I love this idea as everyone pops into their local supermarket at least once a week and makes it so easy to donate when you are already there. Have a look around your local supermarket to see if they have the same or similar!

3) The Trussell Trust
The Trussell Trust is an organisation that fuel food banks all over the uk and do amazing work. They work with 15 food banks in Glasgow alone. On their website they give exact information on what to donate for food and other suggestions for non food items. On top of supplying all this, The Trussell Trust, also offer support and advice to everyone in the community and sometimes a listening ear can really make all the difference to someone's wellbeing. You can find your local Trussell Trust food bank here if you would like to make a donation. I know I have said it before but really even the smallest donation helps. Even if it is one tin of beans!

There we go guys, I really hope this inspires a little and is no way intended to be a preachy post. I just remember when I started to make donations I really didn't know where to start and this is only to be taken as a helping hand! 
Even though this post is more geared towards Glasgow, the second and third suggestions can be done all over the UK! 

Let's try and give everyone a magical Christmas this year.
Thank you,
G x


Monday, 26 November 2018

OOTD! Ft Femme Luxe

Hi Guys! A little OOTD today featuring a cute little cropped jumper from Femme Luxe.
This wasn't a place I had shopped from before now and I really enjoyed the stuff I got from it.
The only problem I had was their sizing, I am normally a solid size 6 and sometimes a 4 in jeans and their smallest size was an (8/10) but as I was ordering jumpers I thought 'well they can be a little bit on the baggy side'

The first one I wore was the white v neck cropped jumper which right now is down to £12.99. I wore this with my fave ever jeans which are just the jamie topshop jeans. 

The jumper was a little big on me especially around the shoulders and chest and through out the day I was constantly having to pull up the front of the top which was a little annoying but I can deal with it. The arms were also a little on the longer side but this is something I am used to if I don't purchase from the petite section!

Overall though I loved this simple look. I would definitely buy the black version of this as I think it is so cute! And I would absolutely order from Femme Luxe again!

Have you guys ever purchased from Femme Luxe? What did you think of it?
Let us know!
G x

items purchased by myself and all opinions are my own 

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Halloween Night In Movies!

Hey Dolls! Every year for Halloween my husband and I binge watch scary movies and cuddle up with pizza and popcorn. I love these night as I LOVE horror flicks (& I really love pizza and popcorn). So here is some horror movies I love in case you guys are wanting to have a binge night too!

1) Halloween (1978)
This was the first proper horror movie I seen, I watched this when my siblings and I stayed over at my grandparents one night. My brother - who is the youngest out of us was 7 at the time - still hates it to this day and the theme sends chills up my spine. Let's not judge my grandparents on their usual movie pick for children as I love it to this day and it will forever remain my number one horror film. Michael Myers will forever scare the shit outta me and Jamie Lee Curtis will forever be a bad bitch.
PS I just seen the new one and I really does the original justice unlike the others that I refuse to even give the time of day to!

2) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Like Halloween I feel like this really needs no explanation. Who doesn't know Freddy Krueger? The slasher films are my favourites as I think the idea of a murderer over things like ghosts and paranormal things are much more scary and realistic. A Nightmare on Elm Street I guess can come under both those categories though as Freddy comes after you when you are asleep - not a lot is scarier than that!

3) Scream (1996)
The second Wes Craven movie to make the list and I'm sure all horror movie fans can agree the man was a genius. Scream has everything a good horror needs in my book - a scary costumes, a bad bitch who doesn't go down without a fight and a twist at the end.
& boy does this have a belter of a twist at the end!

4) Sinister (2012)
I do love slasher more but this paranormal flick makes me want to cry!
Tapes are played showing varies murders and at some points the projector showing them plays things on its own and it really gets me! I can't really say more without giving spoilers away but honestly it is haunting.

5) The Babadook (2014)
An evil character comes to life through a book and if that doesn't give you the heepies jeepies I don't know what will. Is nothing sacred anymore!? It truly, in my opinion, is one of the best horrors of the naughties and tens as it is completely different from everything else out there in my eyes.

If you don't like scary movies, here are some family friendly options that I love...

1) Hocus Pocus (1993)

2) Casper (1996)

3) Scooby- Doo (2002)

If you are like me I recommend getting a Kevin McCallister cheeeeese pizza all to yourself with some snacks and a blanket to retire for the whole day! But let's maybe leave Kevin out again until it is time for a Christmas movies post!

Let us know what your halloween plans are!
This is the first year in 7 years I've not went out for it or dressed up - so sad!
So if you are dressing up let us see your costumes!

Until then,
G x

pics from google

Friday, 19 October 2018


Posts I love doing are definitely outfit posts! I love clothes and putting things together and these are posts I love reading also!
The 11th of October was my 25th birthday and on the Saturday, my husband and I went for Thai food at Tiki Bar in Glasgow then some friends came and met us in St Judes for drinks.

Here is what I wore...

I honestly can't take a serious pic, I find it so cringe when I haven't had a drink! 
This gorgeous jumpsuit is from prettylittlething and you can pick it up here.
It has a lovely cut out section in the front but is full at the back. 
It is a lovely material and was only £25. I know I will definetely get my wear from this.
I paired it with high heels but kept these hidden on purpose because I like that look and then my Vivienne Westwood bag I got for my 21st.

Here is me tryna intimidate Cardi B's bday pic as we have the same birthday and I am obsessed with her! 

On a plus note.. If you are looking to go somewhere for drinks in Glasgow, I am LOVING St Judes just now (and this isn't a sponsored post) they have an amazing new cocktail range based on sweeties and I still can't stopping thinking about them! Can't wait to go back.

Keep your eyes peeled for more OOTN & OOTD posts coming!
G x

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

50 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I know I say all the time that I am desperate to get back to blogging regularly but I really do mean it so I thought I would get back in with a little facts posts.. So here is somethings you never knew about me...

1. I have a big family including 12 cousins

2. My niece Ava is the most important person in my life

3. I have been with my now husband since I was just 17!

4. I have four tattoos and I'm booked into get my 5th on Saturday even though I said I was done..

5. My whole obsession with all things beauty/make up started by watching Blair Fowler aka JuicyStar07 on youtube. Youtube geeks probably won't even know who that is anymore.

6.  I have never been in trouble, even in high school I never had a detention or a 'punnie' as it is called in Scotland.. the thought of it used to give me extreme anxiety.

7. Speaking of anxiety, I am early for everything as the thought of being late makes me feel sick.

8. I am a dyno baker. I think that may be why Sam married me.. I may even do a few baking posts!

9. I have the best pop culture memory. My friend Chloe said 'The world will end before you forget the name of some random actor/actress that was in that one film in 2003' and it makes me laugh every time I think of it.

10.  I had my eyes lasered. Still can't see though!

11. I think Gin & Tonic is over rated

12. As is guacamole and avocados in general

13. I was in a netball team when I was younger and we came in second in our local tournament.

14. If it wouldn't cost £2588433256/require a big car/a big house I would love a minimum of 4 children.

15. I have an addiction to acrylic nails

16. Right now I would probably qualify for snog, marry, avoid for a make under. I have.. fake hair, fake nails, fake tan & eyelash extensions.

17. I would love to get my teeth veneered but I'm scared of looking like a horse.

18. So far this year I have read 63 books.

19. I was a natural blonde up until I was about 9/10.

20. I don't understand how anyone can sleep with lights on. I need my room to be pitch black.

21. My favourite cocktail is a French Martini or a skinny Woo Woo.

22. I watch the movie Sing at least twice a month.

23. A poem that I wrote was published with a few other kids from my school district.

24. I cannot do maths to save myself.

25. I could live off ramen.. or square sausages.

26. I have seen 5% of the world which doesn't sound a lot but I have been to - Cyprus, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, The Vactican, Thailand, UAE & South Africa. 

27. I have been to 10 states - Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee & Texas.

28. I would love to write a book

29. I've been lucky enough to see 5 shows on Broadway & the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

30. I would give anything to have a home in Manhattan.

31. Lemon candles are my favourite - unless its winter then its all baked scents.

32. I have an insane make up stash which includes around 55 mac lipsticks and 25 kylie lipkits. I really should do an updated vanity tour!

33. I love old school horror movies, Michael Myers from Halloween is my biggest fear!

34. But really my biggest fear is being buried alive or looking back into a mirror and something being behind me!

35. I HATE social media, I truly believe that is why our generation suffer so highly from depression and anxiety and people base their worth on their likes.

36. I'm an exercise freak and work out minimum 5 days a week.

37. I'm a cookie monster! Subway, millies, homemade - it is my weakness.

38. My fave fast food is definitely dominos but I do love subway!

39. I love making lists and ticking things off.

40. Jacqueline Wilson is the reason I am such a book geek. My faves were the Girls series, Bed & Breakfast Star, Bad Girls, The Lottie Project, Sleepovers, Secrets, Lola Rose, Candyfloss, Clean Break & Cookie. 

41. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer make my skin crawl. I literally have to turn the channel when I see Amy Schumer.

42. My family made an application for me to be on the TV show 'Catchphrase' cos I am bomb at it.

43. Dates like bowling and mini golf are my fave - they make other people cringe but I love them.

44. American mall food courts are my dream - I love a sample!

45. Adam Sandler could punch me in the face and I'd still adore him.

46. I hate ironing and doing laundry but love cleaning bathrooms. You could eat your dinner of my lavvy!

47. My memory is so insane, I can remember a conversation from years ago.

48. I truly believe Lauren Conrad quotes will also be relevant - how was she wiser at 19/20 than I will ever be!

49. I would love to get my boobs done

50. I would die for my loved ones.

There you go guys! Some things you probably won't know about me and probably never wanted to ha! Let us know if you share any of the same feelings and traits!

Until next time, 
G x

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wishlist Wednesday...

I haven't posted on here in a hot minute, so thought I'd ease myself back into the
blogging world with a Wishlist Wednesday for some items I'm lusting over...

This gorge Missguided playsuit, which is probably me clutching at summer straws here, I'd pair this with a leather gilet and black biker boots - £25 - Avaliable Here 

This stunning pink waterfall coat from ASOS, which would look amazing with a nice polo neck and tweed skirt combo with some cute ankle boots! - £70 - Available Here

A beaut satin wrap skirt from Boohoo, which I'd pair with some black biker boots and a killer leather jacket! - £20 - Available Here

I'm so obsessed with Co-ords! 
This is the perfect colour for Autumn/Winter from PrettyLittle Thing

This pale pink hoodies is currently on sale for £13.49 from New Look!
I'd pair this with some jeans, pink vans and a grey checked blazer.

Ok, so these Zara beauties are a hit or miss, I think. I absolutely adore them!!
I think these would look great with a flowy midi skirt and black chunky jumper.
- £49.99 - Available Here

So there we go, my Wishlist Wednesday!

What are you guys currently lusting over?!
Let us know!

- L x 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Our Wedding Day!

Wow... it has been a month of Sunday's since there has been a post up on this page. I have my personal reason for it and if I'm feeling a bit braver, I may post about what has really going on in my life but I will ease in with a little easy post about the happiest day of my life.

If you have been on this blog before, you may have seen all my wedding planning/idea posts which were some of the funnest I have done and I really loved wedding planning! 
We originally were getting married in the Vu in Bathgate, Scotland but after some severe family drama on my husband's side, we decided to get married abroad with just our wedding party and my family. After looking online, we decided on the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus.

This was our beautiful ceremony location on the Sunset Pier at Elias Beach Hotel. All decorated in our colours. 

Our beautiful 'getting ready' pictures. How cute is my niece!! Plus I'm so obsessed with these personalised robes I got all the girls.

My handsome husband and his groomsmen!

My wonderful parents. Getting ready to go!

My girls walking down the aisle.

My dad walking me down to my new husband. My first love!

Husband and Wife.

Our first kiss and husband and wife and then signing the register!

We did it!

All our amazing family

My sisters and my maids of honour. 

My best friend of over a decade - Caitlyn, fanning me down in the 40 degree heat.

Seven years, one house, one engagement, one wedding and a whole lot of love.

Then it was off to our amazing reception venue. Our wedding planner organised all this from just speaking to us over in Scotland!
We used pictures of everyone as their place setting and these were then stuck in our guest book that my bridesmaid Nicola spent hours with making sure everyone filled it in!

My dad's speech, Sam's speech and then Sam's best man - Declan's speech. They were all so perfect.

Our first dance - Ed Sheeran's Perfect. I had arranged for these fireworks/sparklers to go off and Sam had no idea!

Our father/daughter dance which was Heartland's I Loved Her First.If you haven't heard it, you can here it is so emotional and everyone was crying! My mum popped into dance with her new son Sam!

Now these pictures are without a doubt my favourite. We weren't supposed to have these but our photographer made us late so done them for free and thank god! They are stunning (if I do say so myself!)

My gorgeous dress! The first one I tried on and I knew it was mines. 

So these are some moments of our special day. I have more but want to keep some just for us and also noone wants to see 400 wedding pics right?? It was perfect from start to finish. I always wanted a small wedding so only having around 40 people there - even though we couldn't invite some of our family and best friends - it was perfect. My idea of hell would be never seeing my husband on our wedding day due to having to work the room so this way we got to spend loads of time together which is what you want when you are just married!
Plus we are having a home reception this weekend to see all our loved ones and I get to wear my dress again - bonus!

Hopefully I will be back in business and posting a lot more regularly again but maybe if I post what has been happening with me, it will make more sense as to why I'm a bit more 'unplugged'. Even all my social media is gone!

But for now - if anyone reads this and is considering an abroad wedding - do it! It was so easy and you get a ready made wedding planner with your venue! If you have any questions about it don't hesitate to contact us!

G x