Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bath and Body Works Flippin' Awesome Pancake

Hi Guys, mega mega apologies in the fact there have been no posts in THREE weeks. I have been so unwell for the past three weeks and finally have some energy again. I have so many posts in regards to things from my holiday like my Sephora haul! But I thought I would ease back in with a post about my new favourite candle ever!

If you came into my flat, you would notice that the place is over run by Bath and Body works three wick candles. I honestly can't help myself though, every time I visit the states, you can be sure that I am coming home with some. Normally my favourite type of scents are citrus ones like the bath and body works limoncello (ughhhhh!) scent for the summer and then ones like cookie and cake for winter. When I was in the states last month, I dragged Sam into Bath and Body works and all their winter scents were out, yay!

Sam first smelt this one and was in love so I told him just to get it without me smelling it, when we got home, he put it in our living room and lit it and honestly guys I am so so obsessed. You can tell by the pictures that has been well used in a month! Honestly we have it burning every night.

The scent is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and normally I don't like pumpkin scents but I honestly think this smells more like waffles or pancakes with maple syrup, which who doesn't love? It does describe the scent online with maple syrup as a description which will be why I think of it!

Honestly guys I can't recommend this scent enough, it is so Christmas and homey. I love baking as it makes my house smell amazing but this candle gives off the smell of just baked goods which is always amazing! Plus, I love the packaging, 'Eat Dessert First' that is something I can get along with!

I just looked online and Bath & Body works have 40% of their candles so if you fancy this for your home you can pick it up here. 

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