Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Zombie Mouth Halloween Make

Hey guys! Halloween is my second favourite time of the year after Christmas but it is by far my favourite time to go out! I love coming up with new looks and seeing what everyone is dressed up as. As I will be in Florida for Halloween this year, I thought I would share one of the looks I done last year!

This may look very hard but honestly it is super easy if just a little time consuming! All you need is, purple and black eyeshadow, latex, fake blood, face paint and cotton buds.

Step 1. Make sure your face is clean properly in the area we are working on, this will make the latex stick better.
Step 2. Apply the latex all around your mouth, and apply ripped up cotton to the area. You will want to do this in stages so the latex doesn't dry in before you have had time to stick the cotton down.
Step 3. Pull the cotton to make the teeth like shape over your actual mouth and let everything dry down.
Step 4. Once everything is completely dry, go around the edge of the 'mouth' with a purple and black shadow to creating a 'bruised' look. Let's face it, if your mouth is in that shape it isn't going to blend into your skin!
Step 5. Cover the cotton and latex in a flesh coloured tone, this can either be with face paint or foundation. I used foundation so it matched the rest of my face so it really looked like it.
Step 6. Paint the tips of the teeth white, you can really only see this slightly in the top picture but I promise my teeth were white.
Step 7. Fill in all the remaining areas with red face paint, you can see where! I also used some more purple shadow here to create some definition. 
Step 8. On a small brush, add a little fake blood to where ever you feel like! 
Step 9. Scare the pants of your friends!

Obviously this makes things like talking and drinking a little difficult but if you are prepared to struggle a little for the effect then this is definitely worth it!

Let us know what you think about this!
If you are dressing up for Halloween this year, let us know what you are going as!
Have a good one whatever you are doing!
G x

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