Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mac Matte Royal Lipstick

Hey all!
If there is something I am obsessed with it is definetely lipstick. You should see the amount I own, every time I buy a new shade and ask Sam if he likes it, he never knows what to say because he thinks they all look the same! 
Around a year ago I wanted to start wearing lipsticks that were still beautiful but a little out of my comfort zone and I came across MAC's Matte Royal Shade

This is a gorgeous deep blue colour with some purple undertones which I am honestly obsessed with.
All my friends thought I was nuts buying this shade then all ran out to get it themselves when they seen it on. It really looks beautiful on all the skin tones I have seen it on so I think it is a great shade for everyone!
Also, I feel like it is a great shade to get you more comfortable with wearing more 'out there' shades without feeling too crazy!

Obviously, as the name suggests, this is a Matte finish but it isn't drying at all and feels very comfortable on the lips and I could wear it all day for days and my lips would still be in an ok condition which isn't normally the case for matte lipsticks! 

I really do adore this shade and love wearing it at this time of year!

What do you guys think about it?
Is it something you would wear or it is a little too much for you?
Let us know!
G x

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