Friday, 15 September 2017

Restaurant To Do (Eat At) List!

Right now I am obsessed with going out to dinner, I just love it! so I thought I would share with you guys my to eat at list! Which I am hoping to be done with by the end of the year!

1. Tuk Tuk Glasgow - 426 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD.

I'm pretty sure Tuk Tuk in Glasgow is relatively new after being in Edinburgh for some time. The menu looks divine which you can check out here. It is Indian tapas which I love the idea of as I love having lots of things to try and nibble! Plus I have heard amazing things about the butter chicken curry!

2. The CounterSpringfield Quay, Glasgow G5 8NP

I have seen The Counter a few times in the USA and had never went in. It is a really cool concept where you can create your own burger or can choose from the main menu which is linked here. I've heard that there are over 100 combinations you can come up with when you make your own but I'm not entirely sure if this is true! I love a good burger so I love the idea of creating one exactly the way I love. 

3. Lychee Oriental - 59 Mitchell St, Glasgow G1 3LN

I drool looking at this menu! I have been desperate to go here for years but for some reason we never make it and end up else where! A classic chinese restaurant that looks delicious just by pictures I have seen on instagram! I will eventually make it. Everyone I speak to raves about this places and says it isn't just your average chinese restaurant and is above and beyond! Here is hoping!

4. Nic's NYC Deli - 396 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AS

This spot is always on the Glasgow Food Bible's instagram and I am obsessed everytime they post a picture. As usual you can see the menu here. I love lunch spots and stopping in for sandwiches and wraps so this is right up my alley! They also do amazing donuts and things like waffles for those with a sweet tooth! I'm ready for that Chicken Fajita wrap!

5. Don Costanzo Glasgow - 13 Woodside Cres, Glasgow G3 7UL

 The food at Don Costanzo's is legendary in Glasgow! They moved location and everyone on social media seemed to go into complete melt down fearing it was closing. So  when I seen that reaction, I knew I had to visit. Still not been but I will! Hearty Italian food with a family atmosphere is what it has been described as, so what is not to love?

6. Dakota Bar & Grill - 179 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4DP

Sam took me to stay at the Dakota last October for my birthday and because I wanted Thai food (there isn't really ever a time I don't!) we didn't try the restaurant which Sam was a bit gutted at! I can understand why as the food looks incredible as you can see here. It was ranked second on tripadvisor for all the restaurants in Glasgow so you know it is going to be top class! The steaks look amazing and the decor inside is beautiful. Maybe I'll have to treat Sam soon to make up for the fact he didn't get to visit before!

So that is my To Do (Eat At) List!
Have you been to any of these places and enjoyed?
Or do you have anywhere else in Glasgow we should try?
Let us know!
G x

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