Friday, 22 September 2017

Unusual Asks Tag!

Hi all! I know now a days, tags don't really appear on blogs anymore which makes me sad as I love doing them so I thought why not try and find one anyway, so I looked online and found the 'Unusual asks' tag. So here goes...

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
When I was little, I wanted to be a cashier in ASDA as I thought the lady on the till, got all the money inside it!

2. Which 'Friends' character do you relate to the most?
100% Chandler! Funny & Sarcastic that hides some insecurities but loyal to the core. 

3. Do you like your name? Why?
Yeah I like my name! It isn't overly common and American's always pronounce it hilariously.

4. Are you messy or clean person?
There is a big difference between messy or clean. Your house could be immaculately clean but have some clutter - aka messy! Which I think perfectly describes me. Not that my house is always perfectly clean by any means! But I have a massive deep clean every Friday. 

5. How tall are you?
5ft 1! A wee teeny tot.

6. How tall were you when you were ten?
Probably not that different to what I am now...

7. What is your guilty pleasure?
Does bread count?

8. What are you saving money for right now?
Wedding, wedding, wedding! 

9. How many Pringles can you eat at once?
Does this mean how many can I fit in my mouth at once? If so, I don't do that. I lick the flavour off them before I eat! And if it is how many can I eat in one sitting... probably the full can if I allowed myself.

10. Tea or Coffee?
Tea if my sister is making it and any other time, hot choc.

11. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
Probably a mix of both..

12. What is your Halloween Costume this year?
I will be in Florida for Halloween so I won't be dressed up this year!

13. Sweet or Salty?

14. Favourite Social Media
Probably instagram but I know it messes with my head constantly looking at those 'perfect' girls

15. Who was the last person you kissed?
Sam, my fiance.

16. What is your favourite breakfast?
In true Scottish style, it has to be a piece and square sausage. When I started to be more health wary, I stopped eating these all together, which you really shouldn't do if you love something! But Malcolm Allan brought out 101 calories and healthier square sausages so I have them all the time now! With bread and tomato sausage, mmmm! If I have been really good during the week, I will allow myself so Stornoway black pudding too! If its cereal it is Coco Pops Rocks!

17. When is your birthday?
11th of October so less than three weeks!

18. When did you start your blog?
October 2013 so Tartan Fairytales is nearly 4 years old.

19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians?
LOVE them. Hail ten years of Kardashians!

20. How would you describe your style?
Lazy, I am in active wear all the damn time. Throw on some gym clothes and you don't need to worry about your hair or make up.

21. What colour is your hair?
Right now, it is a balayage brown/blonde

22. What colour of socks are you wearing?
White, nothing exciting. 

23. What is your dream job?

24. Dogs or Cats?
I do not trust anyone that answers Cats to this..

25. What makes you weird?
What makes anyone normal?

26. Celebrity crush?
Since watching Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick has over took every celeb I have had a crush on. I dreamt about him every night on the days I watched GG! xoxo

Seriously, how can you not be in love with that face?!

27. Opinion on cigarettes?
Seeing as I only have one working lung my views are pretty intense ha.
They are disgusting and it blows my mind why anyone would choose it do it.

28. Do you want children/how many?
In a perfect world I would love 4 but I think 3 would be the max due to things like cars and holidays! 

29. 3 favourite boy names?
Jacob, Sean & Jayden. I love J boy names for some reason

30. 3 favourite girl names?
Lacey (I have already told Sam our daughter will be named this if we have a girl)! Mia & Kimberley.

So that is it! I really enjoyed doing a tag again and I hope they start appearing round the blogs again! I tag everyone to do this who enjoys this to take part!
Until next time,
G x 

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Hi all! I was out the other night and thought I would share what I wore with you all!

Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Bralet - Miss Pap
Skirt - the exact same doesn't seem to be available any more but there is a similar one from Miss Pap
Shoes - Louboutin

As you can probably tell, I am still loving wearing Sam's shirts. Lucky I have such an understanding fiance! 
This was super comfy and with the sleeves, I didn't need a jacket, I just pulled the shirt up more when we went outside! 

I love doing these posts and need to share more!
What do you guys thing of this outfit?
Let us know your brutal opinions ha!
G x

Friday, 15 September 2017

Restaurant To Do (Eat At) List!

Right now I am obsessed with going out to dinner, I just love it! so I thought I would share with you guys my to eat at list! Which I am hoping to be done with by the end of the year!

1. Tuk Tuk Glasgow - 426 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD.

I'm pretty sure Tuk Tuk in Glasgow is relatively new after being in Edinburgh for some time. The menu looks divine which you can check out here. It is Indian tapas which I love the idea of as I love having lots of things to try and nibble! Plus I have heard amazing things about the butter chicken curry!

2. The CounterSpringfield Quay, Glasgow G5 8NP

I have seen The Counter a few times in the USA and had never went in. It is a really cool concept where you can create your own burger or can choose from the main menu which is linked here. I've heard that there are over 100 combinations you can come up with when you make your own but I'm not entirely sure if this is true! I love a good burger so I love the idea of creating one exactly the way I love. 

3. Lychee Oriental - 59 Mitchell St, Glasgow G1 3LN

I drool looking at this menu! I have been desperate to go here for years but for some reason we never make it and end up else where! A classic chinese restaurant that looks delicious just by pictures I have seen on instagram! I will eventually make it. Everyone I speak to raves about this places and says it isn't just your average chinese restaurant and is above and beyond! Here is hoping!

4. Nic's NYC Deli - 396 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AS

This spot is always on the Glasgow Food Bible's instagram and I am obsessed everytime they post a picture. As usual you can see the menu here. I love lunch spots and stopping in for sandwiches and wraps so this is right up my alley! They also do amazing donuts and things like waffles for those with a sweet tooth! I'm ready for that Chicken Fajita wrap!

5. Don Costanzo Glasgow - 13 Woodside Cres, Glasgow G3 7UL

 The food at Don Costanzo's is legendary in Glasgow! They moved location and everyone on social media seemed to go into complete melt down fearing it was closing. So  when I seen that reaction, I knew I had to visit. Still not been but I will! Hearty Italian food with a family atmosphere is what it has been described as, so what is not to love?

6. Dakota Bar & Grill - 179 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4DP

Sam took me to stay at the Dakota last October for my birthday and because I wanted Thai food (there isn't really ever a time I don't!) we didn't try the restaurant which Sam was a bit gutted at! I can understand why as the food looks incredible as you can see here. It was ranked second on tripadvisor for all the restaurants in Glasgow so you know it is going to be top class! The steaks look amazing and the decor inside is beautiful. Maybe I'll have to treat Sam soon to make up for the fact he didn't get to visit before!

So that is my To Do (Eat At) List!
Have you been to any of these places and enjoyed?
Or do you have anywhere else in Glasgow we should try?
Let us know!
G x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fenty Beauty Wishlist!

Hey everyone! So if you have been living under a rock, you will have seen the BOMB ASS collection from Fenty Beauty - Rihanna's make up line.

I am a HUMONGOUS Rihanna fan, she can't do much wrong in my eyes so when she announced she was releasing a make up line, I was buzzing to say the least.

You probably already know by now what the collection consists of - foundations (40 shades!!), primer, highlight and contour products, multi sticks and more! I love that she came out with a wide range of products as a lot of celebrity make up lines release 1 or 2 products at a time, here is looking at you Kimmy KW. So I love that there is something for everyone! 

Here is what I am lusting over... 

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer - £24

From the videos and reviews I have seen so far, everyone has been raving about this primer saying it makes your foundation last all day. Queen Jamie Genevieve said it lasted over 10 hours and if Jamie Genevieve approves, you know its good boo! 
A few people have been complaining about the price, however this is really a normal price for a good primer, for example the Smashbox photo finish primer is £26 for 30ml and the Fenty primer holds 32ml so it is a great value for a good primer!

Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - £26

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this foundation. How well it makes your skin look and how a little goes a long way. According to some reviews I have seen, apparently it does dry down to a slightly different colour so I would definitely be getting matched in store for this! I love the massive range as well as some times I find that I have to mix foundations or mix my foundation with my moisturiser because I am so pale! So I'm excited to see if there is one that truly matches me perfectly! 

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in 'Confetti' - £21

Oh sweet lord help me! I seen this swatched in a few videos and cannot stop thinking about it! It has the most perfect highlighting glow - giving me those Rihanna 'SOS' vibes! Obviously due to the colour, depending on your skin tone, this could give off some lilac vibes but I am all about that life!

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in 'Trophy Wife' - £26

Now you know Rih wasn't playing when she came up with this bad boy! You have probably noticed from social media that this is the product that has everyone SHOOK. This gold popping highlight is the one Rihanna wore to the launch of the line and she looked absolutely glowing! When the light hits this shade, exciting things happen!
Again obviously due to the colour, there will be a gold pay off so this maybe isn't one for the light hearted but I love it!

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in 'Lightening Dust/Fire Crystal - £26

The swatches of this have been absolutely beautiful. I feel like this is the perfect highlight for someone who doesn't like a too OTT glow but still looking popping. And also it is buildable so it can look however you wish! I think it would be a great everyday highlight then amazing for the pop at a night out. What else could you want!?

So these are the things I am lusting after from the Fenty Beauty Range! The brushes also look amazing as well though! 
Is there anything you are lusting after? Or picked up? If you have got anything, let us know how you get on with them!

G x

All images from google

Monday, 4 September 2017

Wedding Talk: Guest Books!

Hey all! Sorry for being a little M.I.A again but sometimes in life you can be too busy for words! I thought we would ease ourselves back in with a little wedding talk on something that is becoming more and more popular with all the unique ways you can do them - guest books!

The first time I ever had a guest book was at my 18th birthday party - my big cousin made me one and I love looking back at all the special messages from everyone and being reminded of such a good night. Then I had one again at our engagement party and I love looking at that even more due to everyone wishing Sam and I years of happiness. Now Sam & I are on the hunt for a perfect one for our wedding.

If you, like myself are a pinterest fiend you will have seen all the different types of guest book you can have these days!

Here are some of my favourites,

This first one is a beautiful drop box frame guest book from Wooden Engraved Shop on Etsy and you can pick it up here. The idea is that all your guests sign or write a message on a little heart and drop it into the frame. There is a heart in the middle for you and your partners name plus your wedding date, then all the smaller little hearts sit around them.
I love this idea as it is something you can actually display in your house instead of it ending up in a drawer like many others - including my two! 

This next one would probably be better for the more intimate weddings as it is a little smaller. My wedding only has imitate family attending so this would be perfect for our day! This is a similar idea to the one above in the sense your guests write a message on a heart and drop it in. It again can be displayed anywhere in the house which I love and is something that is so timeless so you can keep it on display forever which is something you want for when you have something in relation to your wedding day! You can pick this up here from handmadebydebmac on esty!

I am honestly obsessed with the next one and truthfully, I'd probably get this for our wedding if we weren't getting married abroad as I'd be worried about losing a piece when I return home! I love this unique idea as it makes me think of everyone signing it reflecting a piece in our jigsaw. Cheesy I know but I love it, everyone invited to your wedding should be someone you want in your future jigsaw I think! If I was to get this, I think I would frame it so we could keep it displayed without the risk of it getting damaged. Obviously again, this can be personalised with names and your wedding date. Plus you can get a specific size if you require so it is great for any size of wedding! Perfect! You can find this from Lemontree House here.

This one will bring out the kid in all of us, I mean who doesn't love Jenga!? I love this idea of everyone writing their message on a block and building it! I'd probably keep this displayed on the top of a chest of drawers or such when we got home after the wedding. I feel like this would also be a nice ice breaker for everyone too and get all the guests chatting and playing and who doesn't love guests all happy and getting along! It comes with seventy two blocks so you know how many you can use, plus a couple can sign a block, one on each side, so plenty of space! You can get this fun and unique guest book from Ginger Ray at Not On the High Street here.

So that are my favourite unique guests books! Obviously there are nothing wrong with your actual conventional paper guests books, as that most likely what I will have for our abroad wedding but I just thought these were some cool ideas that keep your guest book on display! I also love those Polaroid guest books so if you have a polaroid camera, that can be an amazing idea! 

What do you all think of these ideas? What did you do or doing for your guest book?
Let us know!
G x

all pictures are from online sites and have been rightfully credited and cited.