Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Glasgow Night Out Recommendations!

Hi guys, so I've lived in Glasgow my full life and being going out since.. well lets not put that online, soz mum!


1. Miller & Carter - 47 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5QX

This is definitely a date night venue. It is even wrote on the email that the dress code is 'smart' so be prepared to dress up. But I love getting all glam and such. Its a steak restaurant which I think may be a chain across the UK but it has nothing that represents a chain. It does some of the best steaks, I have ever tasted across the world. It also does, ribs, chicken, burgers, fish and pasta so there is a good range for everyone including vegetarians which you don't always find at a steak house! For being a 'fancier' place, the prices are extremely decent for a meal, which lets remember this is in the middle of Glasgow. Sam & I are going again for our anniversary next week for some delish food and cocktails!

2. La Lanterna - 35 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6AE 

Sam & I came here for our first anniversary, and then visited again for our first engagement anniversary which was on New Years Eve. I was a little worried when we booked for New Year's Eve as I thought the service might be different because lets be honest, who wants to work that day? I shouldn't have worried, the service was absolutely flawless. They offered us a glass of prosecco each for free when they realised we were celebrating our engagement. Which was way above and beyond usual customer service! The meals are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I am a serious carbonara fiend and can't get enough. The carbonara is amazing and I seriously could eat it everyday. We both had a starter and main each with 2 bottles of prosecco and our bill was under a hundred pounds. Bargain for amazing food!

3. Paesano -94 Miller Street, Glasgow G1 1DT, Scotland

If you stay in or around Glasgow, you will have heard of Paesano. It is probably the most popular pizza place in Glasgow. With good reason too. The pizzas are just like the ones I have tasted in Italy. Freshly baked with a homemade sauce and a good crust! There isn't a huge menu but honestly, the pizza's are so good that you don't need loads of topping, it would probably just ruin the true pizza! The only down side to Paesano is that some times there is a que lined down the street and can be extremely busy at peak times. It is worth it though, believe me!


1. The Social - 27 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow G1 3AJ

Royal Exchange Square is famous around the world - you know the man on the horse with the cone on his head? Yep, that is here! This area is filled with bars and clubs but The Social has to be one of my favourites here. It is always super busy and the staff on a Saturday can get a little ratty (but only some, and who wouldn't get ratty dealing with loads of drunk people shouting). They have such a good range of drinks, you are spoiled for choice with the range. Huge variations of cocktails which I love as cocktails are my favey. There french martinis are divine! Also compared to other bars in Glasgow, the prices are very reasonable. Plus the music is always amazing!

2. Vodka Wodka - 31 Ashton Ln, Glasgow G12 8SJ

This is my favourite bar in the full of the west end! The cocktails are only £7 which in the west end is amazing, as I remember once I was charged £15 for a DECONSTRUCTED woowoo! So I still had to mix it and everything myself. UGH I can't deal with this trend. Plus they have over 70 brands of Vodka, so which more can you ask for? If you do want more, they have a belter of a beer garden out the back which has heaters so you can sit out even in the colder months. It is a great atmosphere and not too snooty which is again not something you find in this part of town.

3. The Tiki Bar -  214 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4HW

16 amazing cocktails and they also have drinks to give you WHEN YOU WAIT FOR YOUR COCKTAILS! Blue Hawaiian is my favourite and I do like the Zombie, which you can't get more than two of as they are that lethal! This bar is a Tiki theme, as the name might suggest, duh gemz. So the drinks are all serviced in the coolest glasses, like Tiki faces, coconuts, skulls and treasure chests. And although some times I had not just having a glass, these tie in with an actual theme to tie it all in together. If cool and themed cocktails are for you, this is the place! Bonus point - there is a beautiful Thai Restaurant upstairs.


1. Lola's - 190 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4HG

Lola's is without a doubt my favourite club in the whole of Glasgow. The booth packages are fab, the music is an amazing mix of hip-hop, chart and dance and it isn't full of kids. Now I cannot talk as I started going to clubs at a young age but I hate walking into clubs and just seeing loads of kids, at only 23, it makes me feel about 400 and as if I'm too told to be old. This is the main reason I love Lola's, the age mix is from about 16-30s, or should I say 18?? HA! The drinks are a good price and it is under St Judes, so you can go upstairs for some pre bev drinks then head down to the club. LOVE.

2. The Sanctuary - 59 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6PD

I've been coming here since it was BoHo in I think 2011, and I still love it. The only weeeee problem I have with it is that it shuts earlier than everywhere else in Glasgow but this might be due to the fact it is in the West End and maybe different licensing laws, I have no clue! However it isn't the biggest deal as it plays great music and it is decent for drinks. Plus it has the cutest terrace for when you need a breather!

3. PopWorld - 110-114 W George St, City Centre, Glasgow G2 1QA

Ok so, this is definitely not for everyone but after a good few drinks this is the best club ever! They play the best pop songs from the 80s. 90s and 00s which is amazing for a cheese ball like myself when I'm drunk! I mean when you are a few voddys in, can you be some B*Witched? Nope! Plus the drinks are cheap and it is right in the city centre!

So that is my recommendations for a night out in Glasgow! Have you guys been to any of these places? Or is there anywhere I should try! Let us know!
G x


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

When in Roma...

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are well! On Thursday, I'm whisking away my mama to Rome for her 50th birthday! If you have read previous posts on this blog, you may know I went in 2014.

I was wondering if anyone had any hidden gem places or restaurants in Rome so I can help make her birthday even more special.

Obviously we will be doing the usual tourist things and helping my doppelganger prove that Paolo is the one that can't sing but I would love to know if there is any where, no one really thinks about our notices, for us to check out. Especially some delishhh food places.

If you know anywhere, I'd really appreciate if you let me know! Let's make my Queen's birthday!

Normal posts to resume soon....

G x

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