Monday, 3 July 2017

Primark False Nails!

Hi Guys, sorry for lack of posts last week. I'm really under the weather and last week I was I couldn't get out of bed. I'm still ill but back in the game today with a post about these bomb ass fake nails I picked up from Primark!

It is really really rare for me not to have my nails on or done as I have bit my nails basically my whole life and I hate how they look. So when I was in Primark the other day, I seen these beauties and knew I had to pick them up.

Even though I was dying from this bug, I had my great aunt's 70th birthday on the Saturday night and couldn't not pop in for a bit. For this I decided to put on the silver diamante ones which only cost £2.50!

I honestly cannot believe that these nails are from Primark! My mum honestly thought I got my nails done. They are such a beautiful chrome silver colour with one finger fully diamante and one with diamantes going up the side. Obviously you can pick which nail you put on which finger, these are just how mines fit.

I really think Primark are killing it with the fake nails right now, they have such an amazing selection and I think the most expensive ones are £2.50 which if you are a nail lover like me, you will be in love with the style and price just as I am!

I put these on, on Saturday afternoon and it is now Monday and all my nails are still in tact with none off or anything which is insanely amazing as I am always having to reglue my nails on.

What do you guys think of the Primark false nails range? Don't you think their whole beauty line is crazy just now! Let us know what you think!
G x

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