Friday, 14 July 2017

How I Style: Men's Shirts.

Man I Feel Like a Woman! Sorry, couldn't help myself! 
Recently when I have been going out I have been stealing Sam's shirts and not worrying about having to buy a new outfit. Why buy something when he has a bazillion shirts I can borrow right? 

Sorry about the quality of the first picture. My 16 year old cousin was beside me and I don't want to post her to the internet without her consent! 

Basically all I do is button up the shirts, all the way apart from the button at the neck, get a small belt. These are both from Primark, however the one I am wearing with the navy shirt came with a product. And pull it around slightly so my butt isn't out but still in a cute, slightly baggy way and viola! As you can see, I like to change the way I roll the sleeves up which I think makes it more formal in a way if that makes sense!

These are both Ralph Lauren shirts which I think retail for £85 and you can pick these up directly from this link!. I'm sure Sam would prefer me pinching is TopMan and River Island ones. Soz boo! Sam is also 6ft 2 and I am a full foot and inch shorter so that is how it works so easily as a shirt dress.

It is such a simple yet effective outfit which literally takes a minute to throw on and go...
Unless you are like me and constantly have false nails on and need someone to help you to do up the buttons.. that will take a lil longer! 

This outfit is very leggy but everywhere else is covered so even if you aren't the bravest gal, go for it!
Have you ever turned your partner's clothes into a new outfit for yourself?
How amazing is it?
Let us know!?
G x 

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