Thursday, 20 July 2017

Book Club, Blog Style - Take 7!

One of my favourite blog posts to do is the Book Club posts. Mainly due to the fact I get through so many books in a year that it is nice for me to go back and see what books I've read and loved. I also love seeing if other people enjoy the same type of books and discussing them!

'Love Me or Leave Me' by Claudia Carroll is a book that I read about a year ago and discovered again about two weeks ago. I forgot how much I loved it! 

'Love Me or Leave Me' is about Chloe Townsend who runs the Hope Street Hotel which is an unique hotel in which you leave married and check out divorced!

Chloe is well equipped to do this, Chloe herself had her own fiance walk out on her on the day of her wedding, in the hotel she was working in. After realising the pain she is in, Chloe runs off to London to live and lick her wounds.Chloe has a team on hand to make sure every legality and emotional situation that might arise, whether it be splitting up assets or sitting through mediation. 

As well as Chloe's story, the book deals with three couples in particular. Lucy and Andrew, Jo and David then Dawn and Kirk. Carroll describes how each couple ended up in the situation they are in and takes you on along on their ride with them.

Dawn and Kirk, married young and Dawn changed herself to fit in with Kirk's hippy/free loving lifestyle but it wasn't all it cracked up to be and now Dawn finds herself betrayed and alone.

Lucy and Andrew thought they had found true love with each other. However Andrew's children from his first marriage don't agree with this and think model Lucy is only after Andrew for his money so behave like spoiled brats instead of the grown adults they are. 

Jo and David seem like the most mismatched couple of them all. Jo is a sky rocketing, control freak career woman whilst David is more likely to be found either on the couch or in the pub during the day's working hours. But is their break up as simple as it appears to the eye or is there more going on behind close doors? Especially seeing as David doesn't want a divorce in the first place?

Then there is Chloe herself, being there 24/7 for her guests doesn't leave her much time for dating - as best friend Gemma always reminds her. And watching guests come in as a married couple and leave divorced in enough to leave anyone doubting if true love conquers all. After a surprise visit from her ex-fiance and a handsome boss around, could Chloe get her happy ever after?

This book is truly like nothing I have ever read before, I mean it isn't often you read about divorce hotels! I seriously love it though. How you are took on a rollercoaster with each charterer, routing for some people and couples then wanting to slap others! It is wonderful how Carroll has took us on a journey with each couple from when they were first in love and happy to how they ended up in the hotel in the first place and how they leave it. No stone is left uncovered and you end up feeling attached to them! I certainly did!

I don't want to say much more about the book as I don't want to include any spoilers. If you are looking for a new read for those summer vaykays though, I seriously recommend this. It is a comedy that still has you sympathising with the character!

Have any of you guys read this and love it?
Or anything else by Claudia Carroll that we should try?
Let us know!
G x

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