Friday, 28 July 2017

Cute Quiz Jumpsuit, Really!?

Hey guys! If you were like me and were in the first few years of high school during 2007 and abouts, chances are you loved shopping in Quiz, when I was 14 I couldn't get enough of the stuff and I can assure you every girl in my year got their uniform from Quiz. Those combats, awwww yeah boy! Then as we all grew up, I think we can agree that as we got older, the stuff wasn't so fab and we all started to give it a miss. 

However when I was strolling through Debenhams a few weeks ago and see the Quiz concession, I was extremely surprised! Mostly everything was on par with every other high street store and I couldn't believe my beloved Quiz was making a comeback to my life a decade later!

That day, I seen this beautiful culotte jumpsuit but never picked it up. I kept thinking about it for days afterwards and decided to go back and get it for my best friend's graduation. Sorry if you see this chummy and didn't want your pic included but it wasn't letting my crop it!
As you can see, it is so flattering and makes me look taller than I am!

I think this jumpsuit is perfect for dressing up with some heels or dressing down with flowing locks and some cute sandals! An outfit perfect for those pub lunches that turn into nights out. 

Coming in at only £26.99, this white and navy beaut is an absolute bargain, especially when compared to some other high street prices.

Have you guys noticed Quiz killing it recently and picked anything up?
I can't wait to get some more pieces for my holiday.
Let us know!
G x

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nightly Skin Care Routine

Hey all! So if you have been around our little piece of the internet before, you may have seen the skin care routine I posted in December which talks about how I cleanse my face. My skincare routine has advanced since then so I thought I would update it, I still cleanse the same way however so if you want to see what I do to cleanse, you can check it out here.

The first product I use is the Botanics 5 in 1 Amazing Radiant Youth Eye Cream. I put this under my dark circles are rub it up the way. As I was told during a skin course not to put loads of eye cream on directly under the eye as this can actually cause baggy eyes with all the cream build up, sitting underneath the skin. (How gross I know). It claims that it can reduce dark eye circles in one use, which I'm not entirely sure about but after a few days - a week I definitely noticed an improvement on mines which is something as my dark eyes are truly horrendous! You can also use this under make up which I love as more brightening for me!

I then use the Botanics Radiance Concentrate Serum which again claims to brighten the skin within two weeks which I completely agree with. All the products in this post are 'brightening' products as I don't want my busy life schedule to impact on having lovely, dewy bridal skin! I have, of course, tried a few products that claim to do certain things and don't live up to the promise but these certainly do! I use the applicator to apply a drop to my forehead and one on each cheek and rub it all over.

I then finish off with the Botanics Hydrating night cream. This is pretty self explanatory I think as I just rub a little more than a pea size amount and leave it over night to do its thing!

As you can see I really love this Botanic's All Bright range. Plus, due to them being Boot's own brand products, they won't hurt the bank account. I seriously have noticed a huge difference in my skin and they are helpful at achieving the 'glowing bridal' look that I'm after for next year. The sooner you start the better right?! The packaging has changed but they are still available online and in stores.

Do you guys use any of these products? Did you get any good results too?
Let us know 
G x

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Wedding Talk - Favours

Hey guys! So I know these posts obviously aren't everyone's cup of tea as people may read this blog that aren't engaged or getting married but they seem to be popular and if I don't stop talking wedding 24/7, I may show up to my ceremony without a fiance ha! So this is a good place to share our wedding obsession without sending our loved ones mental right!? Plus it could give you some inspo for your wedding even if your aren't engaged, no harm in reading some inspo right girls!?

Something I feel you either love or hate at weddings is favours. Some see them as an unnecessary cost which can be totally true is you are on a budget - it is about marry the love of your life after all! I personally love them but after Sam's best friend and best man was in the flat the other night and asked 'Why would anyone want a paper weight to take home?' It got me thinking. I would love to get something personalised for our guests but now I am thinking I would also like to make it useful too so they don't wonder what on earth they will do with it and for our gift to come in handy. I get the paper weight point, that is a little odd as a gift. 

So here are some I LOVE:

I'm pretty much set that this will be the favours we use for our wedding along with a miniature bottle. They are super cute and due to the fact it is both a personalised item and a bottle opener that you can keep on your keys so you never have to be without a bottle opener, it for me is a perfect wedding favour. You still want to give something people will remember as well as have something useful for them. You can pick them up here.

As I said above, I am going to get miniature bottles for our guests to go along with there bottle openers and these ones from Just Miniatures are wonderful as you can pick which label design you like and personalise it. Also they have everything from prosecco to whiskey so there is something for everyone! Just need to make sure that your under age guests have something different. 

Another favour I love are candles. If you stay in Glasgow or around, in Glasgow Forge Market, there is a wonderful stall that does personalised wax melts for such a reasonable price and smell divine! These ones you can pick up here, I love the fact these candle come in what looks like a tin like container. That way you can use them again for something! They also come in different scents and colours so you can really have your own candle to scent your day and have something for the guests to take home and when they light it they can be reminded of  your big day!

Obviously these are just some ideas I personally like.You might read it and think 'Aw I would never want any of that!' and if so let us know! That is the best part about these posts, seeing what everyone does and doesn't enjoy! Let's be real though, favours like sweeties and alcohol are probs everyone's fave! Let us know what favours you used or are going to! & let us know what are the best and worst favours you have ever received! 

Until next time,
G x

all favours are from the internet and have been credited, Views all blogger's own.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Book Club, Blog Style - Take 7!

One of my favourite blog posts to do is the Book Club posts. Mainly due to the fact I get through so many books in a year that it is nice for me to go back and see what books I've read and loved. I also love seeing if other people enjoy the same type of books and discussing them!

'Love Me or Leave Me' by Claudia Carroll is a book that I read about a year ago and discovered again about two weeks ago. I forgot how much I loved it! 

'Love Me or Leave Me' is about Chloe Townsend who runs the Hope Street Hotel which is an unique hotel in which you leave married and check out divorced!

Chloe is well equipped to do this, Chloe herself had her own fiance walk out on her on the day of her wedding, in the hotel she was working in. After realising the pain she is in, Chloe runs off to London to live and lick her wounds.Chloe has a team on hand to make sure every legality and emotional situation that might arise, whether it be splitting up assets or sitting through mediation. 

As well as Chloe's story, the book deals with three couples in particular. Lucy and Andrew, Jo and David then Dawn and Kirk. Carroll describes how each couple ended up in the situation they are in and takes you on along on their ride with them.

Dawn and Kirk, married young and Dawn changed herself to fit in with Kirk's hippy/free loving lifestyle but it wasn't all it cracked up to be and now Dawn finds herself betrayed and alone.

Lucy and Andrew thought they had found true love with each other. However Andrew's children from his first marriage don't agree with this and think model Lucy is only after Andrew for his money so behave like spoiled brats instead of the grown adults they are. 

Jo and David seem like the most mismatched couple of them all. Jo is a sky rocketing, control freak career woman whilst David is more likely to be found either on the couch or in the pub during the day's working hours. But is their break up as simple as it appears to the eye or is there more going on behind close doors? Especially seeing as David doesn't want a divorce in the first place?

Then there is Chloe herself, being there 24/7 for her guests doesn't leave her much time for dating - as best friend Gemma always reminds her. And watching guests come in as a married couple and leave divorced in enough to leave anyone doubting if true love conquers all. After a surprise visit from her ex-fiance and a handsome boss around, could Chloe get her happy ever after?

This book is truly like nothing I have ever read before, I mean it isn't often you read about divorce hotels! I seriously love it though. How you are took on a rollercoaster with each charterer, routing for some people and couples then wanting to slap others! It is wonderful how Carroll has took us on a journey with each couple from when they were first in love and happy to how they ended up in the hotel in the first place and how they leave it. No stone is left uncovered and you end up feeling attached to them! I certainly did!

I don't want to say much more about the book as I don't want to include any spoilers. If you are looking for a new read for those summer vaykays though, I seriously recommend this. It is a comedy that still has you sympathising with the character!

Have any of you guys read this and love it?
Or anything else by Claudia Carroll that we should try?
Let us know!
G x

Friday, 14 July 2017

How I Style: Men's Shirts.

Man I Feel Like a Woman! Sorry, couldn't help myself! 
Recently when I have been going out I have been stealing Sam's shirts and not worrying about having to buy a new outfit. Why buy something when he has a bazillion shirts I can borrow right? 

Sorry about the quality of the first picture. My 16 year old cousin was beside me and I don't want to post her to the internet without her consent! 

Basically all I do is button up the shirts, all the way apart from the button at the neck, get a small belt. These are both from Primark, however the one I am wearing with the navy shirt came with a product. And pull it around slightly so my butt isn't out but still in a cute, slightly baggy way and viola! As you can see, I like to change the way I roll the sleeves up which I think makes it more formal in a way if that makes sense!

These are both Ralph Lauren shirts which I think retail for £85 and you can pick these up directly from this link!. I'm sure Sam would prefer me pinching is TopMan and River Island ones. Soz boo! Sam is also 6ft 2 and I am a full foot and inch shorter so that is how it works so easily as a shirt dress.

It is such a simple yet effective outfit which literally takes a minute to throw on and go...
Unless you are like me and constantly have false nails on and need someone to help you to do up the buttons.. that will take a lil longer! 

This outfit is very leggy but everywhere else is covered so even if you aren't the bravest gal, go for it!
Have you ever turned your partner's clothes into a new outfit for yourself?
How amazing is it?
Let us know!?
G x 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Anotha' Day, Anotha' Style Crush.

Today's SC is Shay Mitchell.
Playing Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, you definitely don't get to see this gals style & it is faaaaab-u-lous. 

Here's a few of my fave looks of hers!

Slouchy Jumper & Ripped Jeans
So effortlessly chic & paired with some messy hair, is a perfect day to day look! 
I've always wished I could pull off boyfriend jeans this good, but I always feel like I'm too short & stumpy for it to work! Teach me your ways Shay!

All White Everythang
I'm in love with this outfit, the make up, the accessories. It's amazing!
Wearing white has always been a sign of confidence (well, to me anyway!)
So, what better way to show that off, by all white everything!

This is my favourite look that I came across, such an elegant outfit.
Will definitely be trying to find myself a pair of trousers like these beauts.

Nice & Simple
Black jeans, white top & a denim jacket. Such an easy outfit, that she makes look as though so much thought has been put into it! I'll def be keeping this outfit idea in my head for any last minute plans.

Festival Look
I'm loving that the accessories with this outfit totally transform it from a simple black playsuit, to a coachella ready look. Love love love.

Mesh T Shirt Dress
This is also another super simple outfit, made amazing with stand out accessories. 
The necklace & sunglasses go perfect with this look.
But she also totally nails it without any accessories, just some cute black boots!

So, there's my latest Style Crush!
Let me know who's style you are loving?!

Speak soon!
- L x 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Wedding Talk: Music

Hey guys! I love chatting weddings with everyone and anyone who will listen! 
One thing I love thinking about is the type of music that will be played during our wedding breakfast and boogied to at our reception. After all, music can make or break an atmosphere right?

So I thought I would share a few of the tunes I have considered for our big day.

Wedding Breakfast Songs
Dr Hook – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman
Hall and Oats – You Make My Dreams Come True
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me
Mary Wells – My Guy
Billy Joel - She’s Always a Woman
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice
Stevie Wonder – For once in my life
Snow Patrol Vs The Police – ever car you chase
 Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman

George Harrison – Got my Mind Set on You
Bruno Mars - Marry You
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

Wedding Party Songs
Deacon Blue - Dignity
Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
Maroon 5 - Sugar
Nicki Minaj - Starships
Four Seasons -December 1963 
David Guetta ft Will.I.Am - Nothing Really Matters
Omi - Cheerleader
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself
Pink - Raise Your Glas
Kelsea Ballerini - Love Me Like You Mean It
Kelsea Ballerini - Dibs
Sam Hunt - Body Like a Back Road
Earth, Wind & Fire - September 
Ann Lee - 2 Times
Five - Keep On Movin'
The Killers - Mr Brightside
UB40 - Red Red Wine

I could really keep going forever but these are just a little example of some songs that I personally think, will set a good tone for your wedding! Obviously for all those Scottish Wedding you know Loch Lomond needs to be the finisher! And try to keep your wedding reception songs varied to suit all ages and have something everyone will enjoy!
Can you guys recommend some great wedding songs that I have forgot about?
What did you have your first dance too?
Let us know!
G x

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Oh. Hello. 
Laura here.
It's been a hot minute or two since I've posted on here!
I've missed it, immensely.

So it's currently half 12 in the AM, as I type & just needed to get back into blogging...
So here we are.

I thought I'd try a lil something, that I could do multiple versions of...
A new style crush each time.

Today's one, is no other than everyones current girl crush... Ariana Grande.
She's been in the news a lot recently, due to the horrific attack at her concert & for the amazing benefit concert she put on to raise money for the victims & their families... I mean, what a woman she is. I've loved her for years, and even got a lil tweet from her back in 2010 and have always adored her sense of style. 

So here is a few of my favourite looks...

Dangerous Woman Tour Outifit
Ok, this is my first choice but it's hands down my favourite look she's ever worn! It's so effortlessly chic & I'll be hunting for a belter of a neckpiece to recreate it myself. 

One Love Manchester Outfit
This outfit had everyone talking... Mostly because she absolutely bossed the whole night in these killer heels!!!! 

Head to Toe Satin
This look is stunning! And I'm pretty sure it's all from my other fave lady.. Victoria Beckham.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong)

AMA Outfit
Ok, so this is my last outfit for this post & I think it's such a perfect outfit.. So simple but so effective!   The dark red lip totally finishes the look.

So there we gooooo,
that finishes off my first post of 2017 & I'm hoping it's the first of many.
Thanks to my gal Gemma for holding down the fort on her lonesome & absolutely killing it with her fab posts!!

See you guys soon!
- L x 

*All images found on Google.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Primark False Nails!

Hi Guys, sorry for lack of posts last week. I'm really under the weather and last week I was I couldn't get out of bed. I'm still ill but back in the game today with a post about these bomb ass fake nails I picked up from Primark!

It is really really rare for me not to have my nails on or done as I have bit my nails basically my whole life and I hate how they look. So when I was in Primark the other day, I seen these beauties and knew I had to pick them up.

Even though I was dying from this bug, I had my great aunt's 70th birthday on the Saturday night and couldn't not pop in for a bit. For this I decided to put on the silver diamante ones which only cost £2.50!

I honestly cannot believe that these nails are from Primark! My mum honestly thought I got my nails done. They are such a beautiful chrome silver colour with one finger fully diamante and one with diamantes going up the side. Obviously you can pick which nail you put on which finger, these are just how mines fit.

I really think Primark are killing it with the fake nails right now, they have such an amazing selection and I think the most expensive ones are £2.50 which if you are a nail lover like me, you will be in love with the style and price just as I am!

I put these on, on Saturday afternoon and it is now Monday and all my nails are still in tact with none off or anything which is insanely amazing as I am always having to reglue my nails on.

What do you guys think of the Primark false nails range? Don't you think their whole beauty line is crazy just now! Let us know what you think!
G x