Monday, 5 June 2017

Travel Bucket List - Update

Way back in June 2014, I done a post called my Travel Bucket List of places I wanted to see before, well - I kick the bucket! Which hopefully isn't going to be for like 40 years. But I thought I would go and revisit that post and see what I have managed to tick off!


COMPLETED! Sam & I spent three weeks in July 2015 travelling around Thailand and we both are desperate to get back! We went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Phi Phi. If I had to recommend one place to visit it would 100% be Chiang Mai. It is the perfect balance of real Thailand and tourist Thailand which I love as I love getting to see what a place is really like! Plus the locals were probably the nicest people I've ever met.


Sadly no!


Nope but hopefully heading here for honeymoon!




Completed!! I headed to Rome in July 2014 and it was magical! I am returning this August as I am taking my mum for her 50th!


COMPLETED! I interned at Milan Fashion Week in Feb 2015 and when I was given a day off I hopped on a train to Venice. Aw you guys, honestly, you will never see a more beautiful place! And I never smelt any bad smells as some people suggest!


COMPLETED!! I was actually in Las Vegas this time last year after Barrhead Travel emailed an amazing deal and I then text Sam and said 'in 28 days we are off to Vegas!' Sorry Sammy! We both LOVED it and I cannot stretch that enough. We had the funniest week ever and we are both planning a return. We seen Steve Aoki at Wet Republic - You have to go to Wet Republic if you go to Vegas, it is amazing! - P Diddy in Hakkasan, JENNIFER LOPEZ FRONT ROW in Planet Hollywood and the Jersey Boys in Paris. Whilst drinking a lot of Fat Tuesday (google this, you won't regret it) and gambling! 

This is a Fat Tuesday pic from Google. I just had to show it!


COMPLETED!!! April 2017 so not long ago. I stayed in Nashville from the 3rd to the 7th and took a Greyhound down to Memphis for the day. I have never felt more at home anywhere else. I am country music obsessed so this was right up my street seeing places like Sun Studios, Graceland & THE JOHNNY CASH MUSEUM!!! (Can you tell my fave?) but even when I was facetiming and sending Sam pictures he said he wished he was able to do it all too and really wants to go now! Since I was 11 my dream was always to live in NYC but now if I will the lottery, I'd like to split my year between the two!


COMPLETED!! Myself and the girls from my immediate family try to do a girls trip away together every year and in September 2015 we went to Dubai for 4 nights. It was a great deal and we would have been silly to say no! When we went it was also my aunt's 50th so it worked out well. We stayed in the Atlantis the Palm which I had only seen on the Real Housewives before that and it was PURE LUXURY! We didn't have a lot of time which was the only bad part. We are hopefully returning for my cousin's 30th which I can't wait for.


no! I only really wanted to go here a my cousin lived there and now she is back it isn't so high up on my list but still maybe one day!


Sam & I have a plan for this too! If we have no kids in 2019, we are going ha!


Not yet!


COMPLETED! We took a bus journey here when we were in Vegas. I am glad we done it but I think it is one of those places that once you've seen it, you don't need to go again.

14. PERU

Not yet!


Nope! Myself and two girlfriends were going to go for the carnival in 2016 in Rio but with the Olympics being later that year, everywhere was so much more expensive than usual to stay so hopefully we can get that plan up and running again soon.


No, cry, cry, cry.


Not yet but my sissy is up for coming so I can see it happening!




No again!



Honestly I think managing to tick of 7 places in 3 years is pretty cool! Hopefully another good few in the next three years but I feel like I might have to slow down and start saving.

I'm just going to leave this little bit from my last post in as it is still relevant - I know a lot of these places, I have been really vague about e.g China, India etc, but as long as I see the real side of that country, the specific area isn't really that important me. I want to see the real country, the real culture and meet other people in their own culture.

Do you guys have the travelling bug too? Do you want to visit any of the same places as myself? Or do you know a place I should add to my list? Let me know!  

Keeping the full outro really! Until next time guys!
G x

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