Friday, 9 June 2017

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlights Review

If you are from the UK you will have FOR SURE, heard of Make Up Revolution. It is pretty well known for basically just duping other brands. I mean have you seen the chocolate palettes! Which I guess for the brands involved, can be very annoying but I think it is actually funny and fair play to them for managing to get around all the copy rights! But the product I am going to review isn't a specific a dupe (I think!) and just own of their own products.

It is the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight in the shade Radiant Light.

I picked this up on a trip to Superdrug as I am a highlighter junkie and thought that for £3 that even if it wasn't the best, I could use it as a inner corner eye highlight as that is easy to build up. It is a pink/rose champagne colour and is the type of highlight colour I adore.

I first swatched it on my hand like the basic bitch I am and I wasn't overly buzzed but still pleasantly surprised. This was probably about two layers, swatched with a clean finger. It does give off a beautiful effect when the light hits it as you can see at the end of the swatch.

Here is what it looked like on! I am really really impressed with what it looks like on! It was about three layers but it definitely does the job. It isn't as blinding as my Becca highlights but there is around a £30 price difference between them so you can't really complain. This is the perfect highlight for people who are looking to get started with highlight or just don't want to spending a lot of money on it. My best friend for example, is the perfect girl for this as she only wears it on a nightout, unlike myself who wears highlight on the daily. 

It doesn't last ages but probably about 3/4 hours which is total reasonable. Would definitely recommend this and I feel like the pan will last me months.

I would love to try some more Make Up Revolution products if they work this well!
Are there any you love?
Let us know!
G x


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