Friday, 16 June 2017

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics - Kim Review

 There is no denying when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics, I am definitely a brand ho. When a new collection drops that I love, I legit set an alarm so I can get it. So sad right? Those Kardashian/Jenner sisters rule the world whether we want to admit it or not. Everyone has there own opinions on them and the Kylie Cosmetics products but I personally love them. Kim and Kylie are probably the most talked about and well known - for example they are the only ones my gran knows. When I heard they were launching this collab with all nudes, I knew I had to have it as nudes are my go to lippy. 

Can I just say that I am DYING over the packaging! I love how matte it is and how it has kept in with the nude theme. Also as always there is a note with it with Keeks saying there is surprise coming soon which has everyone going nuts wondering what it could be!

The set comes in at $45 which works out $11.25 per lipstick which is amazing value as they are full sized. 

The one I will be reviewing today is Kim!

Kim is described as a coral nude but on me it is more on the coral/pink wave and maybe isn't what I would personally class as 'nude' but it still is a beautiful shade, especially for summer.

Now, I am the pastiest girl you could find and I did need a few layers to get this colour pay off. It is really a beautiful colour though.

Let's talk about this 'Creme' formula. There has been A LOT of discussion on this new Kylie formula and since this was released, there has been no new Creme liquid lipsticks or any talk of them so far. It truly isn't the best formula - I probably wouldn't buy another Creme Kylie lipstick again. It takes a few layers to get the actual colour pay off which is really my biggest vice with these as - if you are like myself - you don't want to have to put mega layers on to make it an even coverage. You want to apply and be good to go. Now, at no point did these lipsticks every say they were long lasting and they aren't. They probably last about two hours if you are doing nothing and will come off, pretty much fully when eating or drinking but as they don't claim to be long lasting, this doesn't really bother me.

Overall, if these came in another formula - I'd go for the velvet, these would be the most beautiful lipsticks. But I guess its all about what seeing works in a company. Anyway - Kylie is bringing out both a matte and velvet nudes set in her summer collection - so stoked for that! The KKW x Kylie collection, in my opinion are beautiful shades and great value for money. They are comfortable to wear but as my pasty ass takes loads of layers, I'm not sure how they would work on darker skin tones. 

That's it guys, my thoughts on the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics liquid Creme lipstick in Kim. 
Do you guys have this and have the same thoughts? I'm thinking of doing my Kylie Cosmetics collection post so keep an eye out for that if you are a Kylie fan!

G x

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