Monday, 19 June 2017

Book Club - Blog Style. Take 6!

Hi Guys. Back when we first started this blog, I loved doing book reviews as I love reading and discussing books with people. I've not done a post like this though since 2015! Which seems crazy to me as in 2017 so far, I have read 52 books. Gotta love when the family stock you up with Amazon gift cards at Christmas! Truthfully I normally just buy books for 99p that are for my kindle. 

One of the ones I bought recently was 'The Perfect Marriage' by Debbie Viggiano. I had never read anything by Viggiano before and since finishing this book, I bought three more from her and I am obsessed! They make me laugh and cry all within a few chapters. If you are looking for a new author, I seriously recommend. 

The story is about Rosie Perfect, she is stuck in a loveless marriage to Dave Perfect and though she would love to leave him, she shares with him their 8 month old son. However after best friend Lucy's hen night, Rosie wakes up in bed the morning after with the delicious Matt Palmer. After giving Rosie lift home and not been able to enter the family home as Dave has crashed out drunk, Matt breaks the door window for them to enter and due to this, Matt ends up going over to see Rosie a couple of times and they become friends. 

When Rosie's live ends up in pieces, Matt is always there to help and when she is finally free from Dave, they wonder if there is a chance they could be more than friends, however with everything Rosie goes through, Matt doesn't want to push anything on her.

I don't want to give away spoilers but it truly is a wonderful story in which every character has their own dramas and laughs along the way which all tie together beautifully. Their is a gilted groom, dog food tasting, gambling debts, a loan shark and a strangely hilarious funeral. (and a mother you'd love to hate).

Just to see Rosie escape a loveless marriage would have been a happy ending for me anyway. I hate hearing about people stuck in loveless relationship because they have children. I know they need to put your kids first but I hate the thought of kids growing up not seeing what a loving and healthy relationship is like!

Like I said, this was the first Debbie Viggiano book I had read and I am now on my fourth with the intention of buying more! I am obsessed with the way she can take you on a roller-coaster of emotions! I'd give 'The Perfect Marriage' a 5/5!

I'm so glad to be back blogging about my beloved books! Have you guys read this book?
Or anything else buy Debbie Viggiano?
Let us know!
G x

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