Thursday, 25 May 2017

May Faves!

Hey Troopers,

I'm sure if you read this and have read a few of my previous posts you will have read me say multiple times that this is it and I'm back! But sometimes life really gets in the way. Just now I am working full time, going back to college, trying to hit the gym at least 4 times a week and maintain a social life PLUS plan a wedding so life is super crazy.

I hope to start blogging again more regularly with posts about my Texas and Tennessee adventures and some posts about weddings!

For now though, I thought I'd start out with my favourite things from May!


I first purchased this foundation in late January as I had heard so many amazing things about it but I wanted to keep it as my 'special occasion' foundation as I don't normal spend a lot of money on foundations. So at first I only used this for nights out and such but eventually I had to give in and use it as my daily! The coverage and colour are absolutely perfect for me and doesn't irritate my skin what so ever. In the UK, this foundation is £29 and available from Debenhams. Now £29 is definitely not as expensive as some other high end foundations, my only thing is how much I use as I do my ears and neck also. However with that being said, I have used this almost every day April and May and odd days here and there since January and I still have around half a bottle left. 

 I am obsessed with this!


I was recommended this mascara in 2008 and apart from every here and there I have used it almost continuously. It is £2.99 from Superdrug and you can't really go wrong with a mascara for that price that really does the job! This makes my lashes look SUPER long and dark. Plus it lasts all day, how can you go wrong?!

Not the best piccy but this is only one layer of this mascara!


Ok, so apart from a few spray tans for special occasions, I am not a massive tanner. Even for nights out I don't bother - which always surprises people as I rival a Drag Race contestant when I go out on a night out! I am extremely pastey but I just can't be bothered with the effort that goes into fake tanning! I used this product a few years ago and when I seen it on offer in Asda at the start of May, I wondered why I ever stopped using it. I moisturise every night anyway so why not use this as it is basically a moisturiser with fake tan in it, that gradually builds up when you use it. It leaves no streaks and doesn't cause any damage to bed sheets. WIN all round!


I seen this shade on the incredible Jamie Genevieve and was so in love with it, that when I went to America, I knew I had to have it.  Jamie is a little more tan than my pastey ass so I was worried that it wouldn't look as good on me. I shouldn't have bothered - it is so so beautiful! The rest of my family in the states tried mines and it look gorgeous on them all, I really feel like that this shade can work on everyone. Also, I am a nude lip fiend so obviously I was going to love this! I will say that it is verrrrry drying. But it is a matte liquid lipstick so you expect that. I am a matte liquid lipstick obsessed gal so I am used to this. If you don't like the dry feeling then this isn't for you. With that being said, there definetely worse feeling liquid lipsticks and this is comfortable enough to wear all day.


In 2015 I dyed my hair red and I am now trying to get rid of it as I don't want this colour for my wedding! So instead of bleaching it, my hair dresser is stripping it slowly but surely and obviously it isn't doing wonderful things to my hair! It is extremely dry after so I seen this and thought I would give it a try. I am obsessed! It leaves my hair feeling so  healthy  and gives such a good shine to it. You would never guess I am stripping it! I use it once a week for five minutes after I have shampoo'd my hair and for the rest of the week my hair is shiney and beautiful!


Right everyone, I know, I know, mega late to the party or what? My brother has been telling me to watch this since like 2011 and I always said no as I couldn't be bothered committing to 121 episodes at 40/50 mins at a time. BUT stupid me as I have been missing out all these years. Sam & I started when we finished Power and are half way through season 4 already I think, (yes the same couple that took, three and a bit years to finish desperate housewives, see what happens when you live together!) I think this may be the best thing I have ever watched and I can't wait to get home at night and watch another ep. I hate Chuck Bass then I love Chuck Bass etc etc. It's an emotional rollercoaster of love!
Can we talk about how amazing Dorota is!?!


If you were old enough in 2007 to remember the horrific murder and trial of Rhys Jones, you will remember how much it shook the entire UK. I was 13, when Rhys' life was tragically took from him.
The question on everyone's mouths? 'How can an innocent 11 year old boy, be murdered on his way home from football training?' I was old enough to understand what had happened, but young and naive enough to think that no one in this world could be evil enough to commit such a crime.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Rhys' murder and with the consent and help of Rhy's parents, ITV made a 4 part show about the murder and the trial. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Rhy's family to go through all that again and they truly are people to inspire to be like. Their strength is unparalleled. I won't say to much about Little Boy Blue, another than it is an amazing and powerful piece of television, because if you haven't watched it. I highly suggest you do. It will break your heart and infuriate you. Dave Kelly is a hero and should have been treated accordingly. This reached out to people who would have been to young to remember this horrific loss of life and ensured Rhy's will always be remembered.
Rest in Peace Rhys Jones, we will never forget you.

So this is everything I have been loving in May!
Have you enjoyed anything similar?
Let me know!
G x

(like the donkey I am, I forgot to take pics of my dove and herbal essences products so these, as the gossip girl pics are from google).

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