Thursday, 19 January 2017

Love a Jumper Dress

Hi Guys! Hope your 2017 is getting off to a fab start.
I am going to do something a little different as I am never really the one to post things that are fashion related but right now I am obsessed with jumper dresses. They are the perfect way to still keep warm and cosy but still look ON FLEEEEEEEEK if you're going out for dinner or drinks and such.

This one is from Boohoo which was £15 and you can pick it up here. It is so comfy you guys, like I can't even explain. I wear this casually around the house and everything. Its slightly long on my tiny 5ft 1 frame so that is why I wear a belt to bring it up a bit and I also folded the bottom up slightly. It is super glamorous but simple at the same time so I seriously love it. I also love it with the thigh high grey boots that I got from Garage believe it or not.

This one is also from Boohoo and is slightly different as it has a roll neck as you can see. On the pictures online, it looks a little sheer but it isn't it is totally fine. I wore this with my family and felt totally comfortable. This one was £15 when I checked my email receipt but now has went up to £18 online which is odd to increase it by £3 in my opinion. Again it is the perfect type of simple enough but can dress it up with thigh high boots and make it super glam. If you love this look you can pick the jumper up from here.

So not a too in-depth look at them as these are the only two I owe but I do seriously love these looks. They make me feel so glam but also like I am not trying hard to be. Which is always the goal right girls?

Do you love them also? Is there any other great Jumper Dresses out there you think I should try?
Let me know!
Gemma x