Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Favourites!

Hey guys!

I don't know about you but I feel like this year has dragged on forever! In all seriousness I can't wait for it to be done. Not that there was anything wrong with my January but the sooner it is done, the sooner it is summer! Moving swifty on before we start all summer dreamin', I'm gonna let you guys in on what I have been loving this long, cold, month!

1. Certifeye Glitter

You will have FOR SURE seen this glitter on instagram, it is constantly on my discover page. I bought a few of these glitters back in September but never really used them until the festive season and now I can't stop. I wear them every single night out I go on. Everytime I where them, I get so many compliments. It is so easy to use, I honestly just put Vaseline on my lids then stick it with that and it lasts all night. The amount of colours that are available is INSANE. Even bold and beautiful ones like neon orange! I just wish the names of the glitter was displayed somewhere on the bottle so you know what ones you own/ are wearing. The mini bottles are £5 and the full size are £8 which is incredible value as glitter really does last. The best thing though is that a lot of the time, the instagram page does special offers for the glitters or bundles which is always a bonus. I feel like these glitters will be in my favourites every month for the rest of time!

If you can't tell, I am slightly partial to a blue/purple colour ha!

2. Glue on Nails

I am seriously in love with Acrylic Nails and if you are in the Glasgow area and love bomb nails I totally recommend checking out 'DEM NAILS' as she is seriously the best in the business but sometimes I need to let my nails have a little break. Demi is seriously great at what she does so my nails aren't damaged once they are removed but I still like to give them some time to breathe a little. However I hate having no nails on as my nails are so ugly as I have bite them my entire life, worst guy. So I came across the elegant touch false nails, which are always in the 2 for 3 offer. My favourite ones are the ones they do in partner with Henry Holland as I feel like the quality is slightly better and stronger. The nude and christmas ones are the ones from the Henry Holland type. I love this brand as they do such amazing designs instead of just the old french mani that you can only get with some other brands. I buy a seperate glue just as it is stronger and with that, they last about 2 weeks with some needing glued back on. Love them!

3.Tony Moly Face Masks

I am sorry, how fricking hilarious is that selfie!? I rolled the nose bit back up to take it because I thought it looked funnier. These masks are kind of a cult blog/youtube product and with good reasoning. I used this Avocado Nutrition sheet mask this month as my skin was so super dry due to the weather and it was really getting to me. I used this for 30 minutes and rubbed in the excess when I took it off and honestly guys, it was as if I spent the full day in a spa, this is no exaggeration! My skin was absolutely beautiful, even Sam noticed it was different when he came home and boys never notice things like that do they?! I can't wait to try all the different ones. Very impressed!!

4. Oh Polly Shrug It Off Dress


I got this dress from Oh Polly for New Year's Eve and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I love dresses that are multiway as I feel like you can wear it so many times and never be seen as an 'outfit repeater' (looking at you Lizzie McGuire). I seriously love backless as well as I feel like I have an ok back, as crazy as that sounds. This dress completely transforms my body and makes it look way better than it actually is. For example, I have no ass and it looks fantastic in this dress, probs to Oh Polly for providing a dress that pulls you in all the right places and actually makes you feel good about yourself. It is also, only £27! Absolute bargain. 

5. Power (TV Show)

Normally when a tv show is a big hit on Netflix, Narco's etc, I don't really like them and I can't get into it but last week, Sam & I started watching this and are hooked. Now, this is a couple that took over three years to watch the full Desperate Housewives box  set and for some magical reason, we have watched two full seasons in a week. It is so addictive, I have never been the type of person to sit in front of the tv all day or look forward to watching something so much. It is so intense and I am either shouting at the tv or hiding behind my cushions. If you are looking for something new to watch, I strongly recommend this, I don't want to say what it is about as I don't want to include any spoilers!

So that is what I've been loving this month? Have you been loving any of the same stuff? Let me know!

all views are my own and items all purchased by myself 


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Plans for 2017!

Hey guys!

So after 2016, I knew I had to make an actual effort to make 2017 a better year. Not that any year could be worse than 2016 (in my eyes). I used to be a firm believer that you have a say on who can hurt you in this world but unfortunately that isn't always the case. So this year, I am taking some time out for ME and to do stuff that I have always wanted to do. Well they do say your twenties are your selfish years right...?

1. Travel More 

I know if you have been with our blog since the start, you will know I am a traveller. Not in the gypsy sense but my heart was made to explore this world. In 2015, I seriously hit the road, I visited Dublin, travelled Thailand, hit up New York City twice and stopped in Dubai for 5 days. This year I am trying to up that but obviously, having a job to allow that amount of time off is difficult to say the least BUTTT so far I do have some epic adventures planned. In March, I am going to stay with my family in Houston, Texas for a month and I hope to take a week out to visit New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. Jumping on a greyhound bus just like Paris and Nicole in the Simple life. This will be my first experience of travelling solo so I am nervous but excited too! Then in October, we are all going on our first family holiday in years, for my mum's 50th we are heading to Hawaii and Orlando! I absolutely adore Orlando, we used to go every two year and I can't wait to hit the rides. As for Hawaii, I am super excited to see and explore the islands beautiful waterfalls! Hopefully Adam Sandler will be there to take me to swim with the dolphins...

2. Go Out More

Since becoming a home owner, I feel like all I do is go to work and then come home to make dinners and clean. Obviously it isn't always like that and I do enjoy Sam and I's cosy days on the couch but sometimes when we are just sitting in on a weekend, I feel like life is passing by. Does anyone else ever feel like this? I want to start doing more and going out more. Housework will always be there but we won't! There are so many amazing and free places in Glasgow and I intend to start taking advantage!

3. Go Back to School

Back in my last year of school, my 'guidance' teacher asked what I wanted to do at uni and I replied that I wanted to be a teacher. He told me he didn't think I would make the grades and pick something else. I should never have listened as by now I would be a fully qualified and working teacher. But after 3 different careers, I have decided to follow my heart, if I don't achieve it, at least I can be proud to say I tried. I have to go back to college to get a maths qualification before I can apply for my post grad in teaching but that is what I get for never attending my maths classes! (learn from my mistakes guys!)

4. Be Me Again

This is probably my main one. Since Jan 2016, I have been struggling with anxiety and depression to a serious point. Most of my friends aren't even fully aware of this. Not that I am afraid to talk about it, just that the one friend who knows everything is more help that talking to 100000 friends in my opinion and that is what works for me. People still think I am this confident and bubbly person and whilst I know I will always have these mental issues, I want to reach a stage where I say 'I have a mental health issue' instead of 'I have been struggling with mental health.' and get back to the me that loved life and had so many hopes and dreams. Hopefully the above goals will help with this!

So that is it guys! My plans for this year. Slightly different from my ones in the previous years on here! But I think that just shows that I have grown up. Hopefully ha!

Do you guys have any plans for this year? Do you have any tips for me?
I would love to hear from you guys!
Until next time,
G x

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Love a Jumper Dress

Hi Guys! Hope your 2017 is getting off to a fab start.
I am going to do something a little different as I am never really the one to post things that are fashion related but right now I am obsessed with jumper dresses. They are the perfect way to still keep warm and cosy but still look ON FLEEEEEEEEK if you're going out for dinner or drinks and such.

This one is from Boohoo which was £15 and you can pick it up here. It is so comfy you guys, like I can't even explain. I wear this casually around the house and everything. Its slightly long on my tiny 5ft 1 frame so that is why I wear a belt to bring it up a bit and I also folded the bottom up slightly. It is super glamorous but simple at the same time so I seriously love it. I also love it with the thigh high grey boots that I got from Garage believe it or not.

This one is also from Boohoo and is slightly different as it has a roll neck as you can see. On the pictures online, it looks a little sheer but it isn't it is totally fine. I wore this with my family and felt totally comfortable. This one was £15 when I checked my email receipt but now has went up to £18 online which is odd to increase it by £3 in my opinion. Again it is the perfect type of simple enough but can dress it up with thigh high boots and make it super glam. If you love this look you can pick the jumper up from here.

So not a too in-depth look at them as these are the only two I owe but I do seriously love these looks. They make me feel so glam but also like I am not trying hard to be. Which is always the goal right girls?

Do you love them also? Is there any other great Jumper Dresses out there you think I should try?
Let me know!
Gemma x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello Lil Lovies!

I hope you all had the most magical Christmas and New Year with all your loved ones.
I am so excited to get back into blogging now I have recovered from the holidays!

Even if only one person sees this blog, it still means the world to me!

See you soon for some exciting posts! (hopefully!)

Gemma x