Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Book Club - Blog Style. Take 8!

It has been a hot ass minute since I have done a book post, all the way back in July to be precise!
This doesn't make much sense to me as I am a totally bookworm and any free time I can conjure up, which really isn't often, (Its usually half an hour in bed before I go to sleep) is spent reading. For example in the past two weeks I have got through eight books. So why not share the books I have read and loved with the world?

The one I finished the most recently was 'The Not So Perfect Mum' by Kerry Fisher.

This story is centred around Maia, a cleaner who bursts her ass trying to give her kids Bronte and Harley a perfect life. Which isn't the easiest when lay about partner Colin, refuses to offer any hand and refuses to look hard for a job.

When one of Maia's clients dies, Maia discovers that the professor who passes, has left her quite the deal in her will - the chance to send her children to the highly sot-after and equally expensive £24000 a term school, Stirling Hall.

Maia is sceptical at first a she is worried about the kids fitting in with the higher class pupils, the hidden expenses of private school and the lack of support from Colin but with the thought of her children having a better life than she does, Maia takes the plunge and enrols them in Stirling Hall. Much to Colin and neighbour/friend Sandy's dismay.

When the children start school, Maia is thrust into a new life off trust funs and marrying well. Maia fortunately finds a great friend in one of the mums Clover and a supportive ear of teacher Mr Peters who both want well for Maia and believe she deserves better that what she has.

Circumstances including the great lay about Colin getting too aggressive with Maia, makes her doubt if she has done the right thing, especially with bailiffs on her tail. Mr Peters turns out to be a great confideont and truly cares about Maia and her kids. Something she hasn't experienced for a long time.

When more news reaches Maia, she can finally let go off everything that has been dragging her down over the years and start doing things for herself and not everyone else.

I truly loved this book, it isn't your usual lovey dovey chick lit and I think that may be why I loved it so much. I really admired Maia and how she believed in herself so much when the world hadn't been the kindest, plus she is a true and loyal friend which can't be said for some of the others. The feelings I had towards Colin were unnatural seeing as he is fiction, but that shows just how beautifully Fisher has wrote these characters. I read this in a day on Sunday as I couldn't put it down which never usually happens to me as I always have so much to do. Then when I finished it I was smiling from ear to ear and Sam had to ask me what was wrong! I had never read anything by Fisher before but now I am definitely going to be picking up more of her work!

Have you guys read this book? Or do you recommend any you think I might like?
Let me know!
G x

Friday, 1 December 2017

Another OOTN!

If there is something I love reading and writing about on blogs it is about what people wear, especially when they go out. Who doesn't love some inspo? So I thought I would post what I wore the other evening of the hen night I was recently at, if you fancy seeing what else I wore on the hen weekend, you can here.

The theme on the Saturday night was to wear all black as the bride to be was to be in all white so this is what I wore..

The top is a little crop lacy number from River Island but you can find similar things almost everywhere just now. The trouser are from Pretty Little Thing and I actually borrowed these from my best friend Nicola. The perks of being the same size as your bezzies right!? I cannot describe how comfy these trousers are, I felt like I was in leggings they were that comfortable! I loved them so much that I have asked my mum to pick me up a pair for Christmas. The shoes are from Office, a few years ago however.

I must admit that I am loving trousers right now for going out. Especially with how cold it is these days. No one wants to freeze right? But no one wants to go out dressed as if they are ready to scale Everest! This is a perfect combo of cosy  but chic at the same time, well I think so!

What do you guys think about this outfit of the night? Do you guys also loving wearing trousers on nights out in the winter months?

Let us know!
G x

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bath and Body Works Flippin' Awesome Pancake

Hi Guys, mega mega apologies in the fact there have been no posts in THREE weeks. I have been so unwell for the past three weeks and finally have some energy again. I have so many posts in regards to things from my holiday like my Sephora haul! But I thought I would ease back in with a post about my new favourite candle ever!

If you came into my flat, you would notice that the place is over run by Bath and Body works three wick candles. I honestly can't help myself though, every time I visit the states, you can be sure that I am coming home with some. Normally my favourite type of scents are citrus ones like the bath and body works limoncello (ughhhhh!) scent for the summer and then ones like cookie and cake for winter. When I was in the states last month, I dragged Sam into Bath and Body works and all their winter scents were out, yay!

Sam first smelt this one and was in love so I told him just to get it without me smelling it, when we got home, he put it in our living room and lit it and honestly guys I am so so obsessed. You can tell by the pictures that has been well used in a month! Honestly we have it burning every night.

The scent is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and normally I don't like pumpkin scents but I honestly think this smells more like waffles or pancakes with maple syrup, which who doesn't love? It does describe the scent online with maple syrup as a description which will be why I think of it!

Honestly guys I can't recommend this scent enough, it is so Christmas and homey. I love baking as it makes my house smell amazing but this candle gives off the smell of just baked goods which is always amazing! Plus, I love the packaging, 'Eat Dessert First' that is something I can get along with!

I just looked online and Bath & Body works have 40% of their candles so if you fancy this for your home you can pick it up here. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Surfin' USA!

Saturday, how I used to love you. Last Saturday however, was my least favourite day of all time as I returned from the most amazing holiday in Hawaii and Florida! I have lots of posts in relation to it so why not start with something that was one of my favourites when I was there... Surfing!

Surfing has been on my bucket list since I was 13 as I have always thought it has looked so fun and cool! When we booked Hawaii, I was desperate to do it there as I thought, were is better than Hawaii to do it! With its warm waters and amazing oceans, beats freezing my butt of trying it in Loch Lomond!

Turns out that I am actually pretty fricking good at it too! The instructor kept calling me 'all star' as I was up every time and from the first good. 

Guys, I cannot describe anything more thrilling that I have ever done. & trust me, In my 24 years I have done some pretty cool stuff. It is amazing feeling the big wave take you away whilst getting smaller and smaller. 

If I can surf, anyone can. As you may know if you have been around this blog, I only have one working lung so exercise and hard work can be really difficult for me and though I did have my struggles, it was so worth it when I was up on that board. 

I think I have definitely caught the surfing bug! 

Have any of you guys been surfing? How did you enjoy it?
Hang tight dudes! (sorry!)
G x

Monday, 30 October 2017

Illamasqua Tease Lippy!

Hey again! As you might be able to tell, I am really feeling lipstick again right now so why not share with you guys what I am wearing!?

Right now I am obsessed with this Illamasqua's tease lipstick paired with MAC's stone lipliner! 

I bought 'Tease' a good while back after Jamie Genevieve kept posting about it on her Instagram and was in love with the shade! 
On myself though as I am so pale, you could say it look very like those foundation lips we all rocked in 2007! But I then paired it with a darker lipliner, 'Stone' which is a true brown shade and created this ombre look for some definition and if I do say so myself, I really love the way it turns out. Some times I just do this with any brown pencil whether it be for brows or something and get a similar effect but I do really love the look 'Stone' gives it!

This is a look that can be worn any time of the year and is super comfortable on the lips!
I think I might have to start a lipstick diary again to keep up with all the ones I have, I can't believe that was nearly a year ago!

What do you guys think of this look?
Do you have either of the products?
Let us know!
G x

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Zombie Mouth Halloween Make

Hey guys! Halloween is my second favourite time of the year after Christmas but it is by far my favourite time to go out! I love coming up with new looks and seeing what everyone is dressed up as. As I will be in Florida for Halloween this year, I thought I would share one of the looks I done last year!

This may look very hard but honestly it is super easy if just a little time consuming! All you need is, purple and black eyeshadow, latex, fake blood, face paint and cotton buds.

Step 1. Make sure your face is clean properly in the area we are working on, this will make the latex stick better.
Step 2. Apply the latex all around your mouth, and apply ripped up cotton to the area. You will want to do this in stages so the latex doesn't dry in before you have had time to stick the cotton down.
Step 3. Pull the cotton to make the teeth like shape over your actual mouth and let everything dry down.
Step 4. Once everything is completely dry, go around the edge of the 'mouth' with a purple and black shadow to creating a 'bruised' look. Let's face it, if your mouth is in that shape it isn't going to blend into your skin!
Step 5. Cover the cotton and latex in a flesh coloured tone, this can either be with face paint or foundation. I used foundation so it matched the rest of my face so it really looked like it.
Step 6. Paint the tips of the teeth white, you can really only see this slightly in the top picture but I promise my teeth were white.
Step 7. Fill in all the remaining areas with red face paint, you can see where! I also used some more purple shadow here to create some definition. 
Step 8. On a small brush, add a little fake blood to where ever you feel like! 
Step 9. Scare the pants of your friends!

Obviously this makes things like talking and drinking a little difficult but if you are prepared to struggle a little for the effect then this is definitely worth it!

Let us know what you think about this!
If you are dressing up for Halloween this year, let us know what you are going as!
Have a good one whatever you are doing!
G x

Thursday, 19 October 2017

End of year resolutions!

So every new year I make a list of things I want to achieve, but not even gonna lie by the time the 2nd week in January arrives, I've forgotten all about them! 

As I'm typing this it's 74 days till January 1st 2018...

So starting Monday 23rd of October I'll have 70 days to do so many things that I wanted to achieve in 2017...

May as well give it a bash...

Here's my list of things I want to achieve!

1. Be comfortable with my body. (yes sadly Laura this requires exercise....)
2. Learn to swim. (C'mon you're 24 now!)
3. Try more new foods & have a better relationship with food. (Stop being a fussy cow!)
4. Make more of time off work.
5. Save money!!! (You don't need that new skirt...)
6. Take up a hobby. (Beat Ryan at badminton every once in a while ;-) )
7. Try to worry less (Actually try really hard!! It's so not worth it!)
8. Learn to say no! (You can't please everyone all the time.)
9. Drink more water (It'll stop Ryan nipping your head to do so hahaha!)

That's where I'm at so far, lets hope I can stick to these better than I stuck to my actual resolutions!

Anyone else find it super hard to stick to resolutions?!
Let us know!

- L x 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mac Matte Royal Lipstick

Hey all!
If there is something I am obsessed with it is definetely lipstick. You should see the amount I own, every time I buy a new shade and ask Sam if he likes it, he never knows what to say because he thinks they all look the same! 
Around a year ago I wanted to start wearing lipsticks that were still beautiful but a little out of my comfort zone and I came across MAC's Matte Royal Shade

This is a gorgeous deep blue colour with some purple undertones which I am honestly obsessed with.
All my friends thought I was nuts buying this shade then all ran out to get it themselves when they seen it on. It really looks beautiful on all the skin tones I have seen it on so I think it is a great shade for everyone!
Also, I feel like it is a great shade to get you more comfortable with wearing more 'out there' shades without feeling too crazy!

Obviously, as the name suggests, this is a Matte finish but it isn't drying at all and feels very comfortable on the lips and I could wear it all day for days and my lips would still be in an ok condition which isn't normally the case for matte lipsticks! 

I really do adore this shade and love wearing it at this time of year!

What do you guys think about it?
Is it something you would wear or it is a little too much for you?
Let us know!
G x

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Date Night Ideas In Glasgow!

Hi Guys! 

This is my first post (hopefully of many!!) in the longest time ever!
So I thought I'd start off with a super fun post about date night ideas in Glasgow!

Now, I can't say I've done any of these, maybe I'll send these idea's to my boyfriend for a little hint! Haha! 

First off, Ashton Lane!

- Picture From Google -

I love this place at night, there's loads off different little bars with super yummy cocktails, there's even a cinema with couches instead of regular seats & you can grab a drink to take in with you! And also the pretty lights above the lane make for a super cute instagram pic!

The Science Centre!

- Picture From Google - 

Ok, so I can easily say this would be up there with one of my favourite date ideas, I love going to the science centre & think you can have such a laugh here. They also have the IMAX Cinema and do little presentation shows throughout the day! I'll defo be asking Ryan to go here soon.


- Picture From Google - 

This lil place has genuinely been the top of Ryan & I's list for the longest time!! We nearly went a couple of weekends ago, but someone (me) forgot their ID and we had to cut the night short and head back home to a local pub! But this place does the coolest drinks, something for everyone! Disney cocktails to Buckfast Slushies. Oh, and the munchie box they do looks so good... 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum!

- Picture From Google - 

This is one of my favourite places in the whole of Scotland. I love it here! It's pretty self explanatory - lots of pretty things to look at & good for a wee wander. Oh & its free!! Fun fact, I once won a competition and had a picture I painted hung in here! Coolest thing! 

The Barrowland Ballroom!

- Picture From Google - 

Going to a gig is one of my favourite things to do - Ryan & I have super different music tastes but we have the odd band or two that we like, so we don't get to do this together too much. That being said we are going to see Liam Fray on Friday which I'm super excited for. But if you're getting to know someone, take them to see your fave band or singer and see what they think! There is loads of great music venues in Glasgow - King Tuts, the o2 ABC & SWG3 so you won't be short of choice! 

So there we go! 
Do you have any other date spots in Glasgow or where you are?!
Let us know!

- L x 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Top 10 Universal Orlando Rides!

Hey guys! So on Saturday I leave to go to Hawaii and Florida with my family for three weeks (yaaaaaaay!) and as Universal Orlando is one of my favourite places in the WORLD, I thought I would share with you all my top ten personal favourites. These will be from both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!

10. Men in Black - Alien Attack

Coming in by default as they have took some of my favourite rides away since I was last there in 2012 and added new ones I haven't been on, is Men in Black - Alien Attack. In this ride, you are a new MIB recruit and aliens have took over NYC. So this ride is basically just shooting aliens from a car and see who scores the most points! It is fun but can also get a little boring after a while, I wouldn't que for it but would always go on if it was quiet! This is in  Universal Studios.

9. Shrek 4-D

Like the name suggests, this is a 4D show. It is a movie different from all the ones released in cinemas but contains all the characters we know and love. As usual with 4-D experiences, the seats move, water is sprayed and also another things such as mist, wind and creepy crawlies are used! I do love this as it is a little bit different and gets you out of the heat for a moment! Plus the show in the waiting/holding holding area is fab!

8. The Simpsons Ride

Again situated in Universal Studios, is The Simpsons Ride. I will be honest, when I heard my beloved Back to the Future ride was being changed into the Simpsons, I was a little apprehensive but it is brilliant! It is an indoor simulator, going through the newly opened 'Krustyland' which Sideshow Bob after you. It really is great fun and amazing to look out for all those characters! 

7. Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges

Now over to one in Island of Adventure which is probably my favourite side! This ride will leave you absolutely DRENCHED. But is SO SO fun, especially when you are in with a big crowd and take up the one boat, but even if you are, everyone laughs with each other. It is a great laugh but you do need to be prepared to be soaked to the skin. 

6. Jurassic Park River Adventure 

Back to Universal Studios, this is another ride that will leave you soaked. It really is like the movies! You start on a boat ride through Jurassic Park, looking at all the 'dinosaurs' when you are suddenly taken off the course and into a restricted area where you see something has went very very wrong. The ride then takes you through Raptor areas and we were then faced with a huge T-Rex and the only way to escape it is down... I won't tell you how many feet down though!

5. Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls

Again, ANOTHER water ride but I swear this is my last one ha! This is a log flume type water ride with a 75 foot drop which you can see from the bridge on the way to the ride. Around the ride, there are loads of jokes and little quips that make me laugh all the way round and even though I've went on it for years, I still love them and laugh every time. There are loads of turns and twists and lasts a while which is brilliant as there is something different round every turn. LOVE THIS.

4. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

This is another indoor simulator, you face all the villains of Spider-Man as they terrorise the city and try to defeat spidey! We have to count on Spider-Man to save us as the villains fling us around the city, even down a sky scraper - but I don't want to give anything else away!

3. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit! 

I cannot really describe how much I love this ride! You have probably seen it on Facebook and Instagram as it has became a little famous! This is all because of the way the ride starts, right away you are turned to a ninety degree angle and start your climb up 17 stories! It is also the first roller coaster to have a non inverted loop which is seriously fun. The coolest part is that, each individual chair has their own personal speaker which you can pick a song from a list and it plays in your head rest which plays the whole duration of the ride. 
So fun!

2. The Incredible Hulk

This really is a classic! For the incredible hulk rollercoaster, you are taking part in an experiment about the gamma radiation that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. The turns, twists, speeds and sights from this ride are absolutely incredible. I could ride this for hours on end and never get bored! 

1. The Revenge Mummy 

With out a doubt my FAVE ride ever. In the ride, you are trying to escape the Mummy Imhotep. There are loops, backwards riding, twists and turns around every corner. I have probably rode this ride over 100 times and I already can't wait to get back to ride it in a few weeks! I don't want to give away anything that happens in it as it is always better when you are surprised! I love this ride!

So that is it guys!
Have you guys visited the parks? If so what are your favourite rides?
Let us know if any are the same!

G x

all pics from google

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Hey guys! 
So why is it the way that when you have a holiday coming up, life always gets the most busy and chaotic? This is why my posts have became a little sparse as work seems to have exploded!

I loved doing my OOTN in September so thought I would post to a hen weekend I was at last weekend...

This dress from Missguided was super comfy and I got so many compliments for it! The little holes in the shoulder keep it so exciting and a little different as it fades into the ruffles!

It has also went into the sale and it is only £8.50. I think it will be perfect for my holiday as well.
The shoes are old offices ones I had that are super comfortable. Also I think I suit yellow so it was all a win win for me!
You can pick this beaut up here. Plus it also comes in pink and nude which are both done to six pounds and I am currently on my way to pick them up too!

Let us know your thoughts on this outfit! 
The paper crown really ties it all together don't you think ha!
G x

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Happy Birthday Laura!!

Hey all my lovies!

Short but sweet post today because our girl Laura is 24 today!

We have such a beautiful friendship LD in the sense of we realise adult life is busy but if ANYTHING was wrong, we'd be with each other in minutes! 

Thank you to my best buddies E & J for giving me my bestest buddy and another family!

I love you so much Laura! 

Have the best day beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 22 September 2017

Unusual Asks Tag!

Hi all! I know now a days, tags don't really appear on blogs anymore which makes me sad as I love doing them so I thought why not try and find one anyway, so I looked online and found the 'Unusual asks' tag. So here goes...

1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
When I was little, I wanted to be a cashier in ASDA as I thought the lady on the till, got all the money inside it!

2. Which 'Friends' character do you relate to the most?
100% Chandler! Funny & Sarcastic that hides some insecurities but loyal to the core. 

3. Do you like your name? Why?
Yeah I like my name! It isn't overly common and American's always pronounce it hilariously.

4. Are you messy or clean person?
There is a big difference between messy or clean. Your house could be immaculately clean but have some clutter - aka messy! Which I think perfectly describes me. Not that my house is always perfectly clean by any means! But I have a massive deep clean every Friday. 

5. How tall are you?
5ft 1! A wee teeny tot.

6. How tall were you when you were ten?
Probably not that different to what I am now...

7. What is your guilty pleasure?
Does bread count?

8. What are you saving money for right now?
Wedding, wedding, wedding! 

9. How many Pringles can you eat at once?
Does this mean how many can I fit in my mouth at once? If so, I don't do that. I lick the flavour off them before I eat! And if it is how many can I eat in one sitting... probably the full can if I allowed myself.

10. Tea or Coffee?
Tea if my sister is making it and any other time, hot choc.

11. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
Probably a mix of both..

12. What is your Halloween Costume this year?
I will be in Florida for Halloween so I won't be dressed up this year!

13. Sweet or Salty?

14. Favourite Social Media
Probably instagram but I know it messes with my head constantly looking at those 'perfect' girls

15. Who was the last person you kissed?
Sam, my fiance.

16. What is your favourite breakfast?
In true Scottish style, it has to be a piece and square sausage. When I started to be more health wary, I stopped eating these all together, which you really shouldn't do if you love something! But Malcolm Allan brought out 101 calories and healthier square sausages so I have them all the time now! With bread and tomato sausage, mmmm! If I have been really good during the week, I will allow myself so Stornoway black pudding too! If its cereal it is Coco Pops Rocks!

17. When is your birthday?
11th of October so less than three weeks!

18. When did you start your blog?
October 2013 so Tartan Fairytales is nearly 4 years old.

19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians?
LOVE them. Hail ten years of Kardashians!

20. How would you describe your style?
Lazy, I am in active wear all the damn time. Throw on some gym clothes and you don't need to worry about your hair or make up.

21. What colour is your hair?
Right now, it is a balayage brown/blonde

22. What colour of socks are you wearing?
White, nothing exciting. 

23. What is your dream job?

24. Dogs or Cats?
I do not trust anyone that answers Cats to this..

25. What makes you weird?
What makes anyone normal?

26. Celebrity crush?
Since watching Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick has over took every celeb I have had a crush on. I dreamt about him every night on the days I watched GG! xoxo

Seriously, how can you not be in love with that face?!

27. Opinion on cigarettes?
Seeing as I only have one working lung my views are pretty intense ha.
They are disgusting and it blows my mind why anyone would choose it do it.

28. Do you want children/how many?
In a perfect world I would love 4 but I think 3 would be the max due to things like cars and holidays! 

29. 3 favourite boy names?
Jacob, Sean & Jayden. I love J boy names for some reason

30. 3 favourite girl names?
Lacey (I have already told Sam our daughter will be named this if we have a girl)! Mia & Kimberley.

So that is it! I really enjoyed doing a tag again and I hope they start appearing round the blogs again! I tag everyone to do this who enjoys this to take part!
Until next time,
G x 

all pics from google