Thursday, 10 November 2016

November Lipstick Diary: Day 8!

Good evening my little lovlies!
So today's lipstick is from the MAC Selena Collection. In the shade 'Amor Prohibido'.

In the least no ignorant way, I didn't really know much about Selena Quintanilla, I was one and a half when she tragically lost her life so I never grew up around her music. Also, from a little bit of research, I think she was more well known in the States and such. If like myself, you don't know much  about her, invest some time and research her story. It is beautiful and tragic and was cut way to short. She was 23, when she was murdered, the same age I am now which just sends chills down my spine. That is far too young. So, with the help of her family, MAC Cosmetics realised the Selena collection this year, 21 years after her life was cut short, to celebrate her and remember her.

Truthfully, when I first seen this, I wanted it purely because I am a sucker for limited addition packaging but as corny as it sounds, I felt that if the Quintanilla family knew that there were people out there, buying products inspired by Selena, they would have some comfort, knowing that she was not forgotten, so I went a little crazy.

This was the only lipstick I got because I am a loooooser for nudes and need them all. But after buying the compact and a few eyeshadows I settled for one lipstick. Also wishing I got the red. 

This lipstick is beautiful. If I had perfect beautiful lips and just put something like a balm or Vaseline on them , this is what I'd like to think my lips would look like. Alas they do not. So this is a perfect, your lips but better shade for me. This is a 'Glaze' MAC lipstick and normally I don't go for them as I don't normally like glossy lips but I am in love with this look. It isn't sticky or uncomfortable, it is actually very hydrating and I tend to wear this if I have spent a few days wearing liquid lipsticks as it still gives me some moisture back into my lips with still giving me a 'look.

This shade is currently sold out online but I have seen in online in House of Fraser and Debenhams if you are looking to snap it up, these places are probably your best bet!

I hope Selena's love ones are proud of the legacy Selena has, the fact she can sell out a collection, 21 years after her death shows what a woman she was. 

Good Bless you Selena.

Until tomorrow guys,
G x

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