Wednesday, 9 November 2016

November Lipstick Diary: Day 7!

Day 7 of Lipstick Diary, woohoo! I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am enjoying going back to see all my old faithfuls!

Today's lipstick is the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in 'Flirt' paired with the Huda Beauty Lip Contour in 'Trendsetter'

Now, I am a massive fan of Huda Beauty so when the amazing, Jamie Genevieve posted a picture wearing this shade, I knew I had to have it. The lipstick is a little darker on me than it was on Jamie in here picture but I am so so fair skinned that I have come to accept this will happen from time to time.

I feel like this combo is a perfect browny nude for me. It isn't a prefect nude but isn't overly brown which I love. It is a look that can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. Also I am Lizzie McGuire the outfit repeater in this outfit ha! 

The Huda Lipstick as lovely. When first applied, to me they feel slightly more oily than the other brands of liquid lipsticks that I have tried which for some people can be uncomfortable. However, they don't take long to dry in and are perfectly wearable matte lipsticks. 

The colour pay off is amazing and you really do only need one coat to achieve the full colour. They last the usual times for about 6-9 hours with only topping up after eating and drinking which obviously is expected with every brand. 

I seriously LOVE this shade/combo and even though I know it will look different on all different skin tones but I can tell it is the type of shade that will work for everyone. I know I will be wearing this all year round.

The Liquid Matte is £18 and the Lip Contour is £16 so they are slightly more expensive than other brands but honestly it is a case of paying for the quality and as I have seen from my other shades they last for ages! The way I see it is if you get 18 wears, that a pound a wear! 

Do you guys like this look? Or have any cheaper dupes for it! 
Let us know in the comments!
G x

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