Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November Lipstick Diary: Day 15!

Hey guys! Just a prior warning, I woke up this morning and my lips were in asbolute agony. They were all cracked and sore to move but for blogging sake, I put on my lipstick as normal. My lips look so gross and the pictures aren't the best.  I am not sure if there will be another lipstick post this week as I don't want to make anything any worse but we will see!

Today's colour is MAC's Heroine.

I have had and loved this shade since it became part of the permanet collection and now it also has sentimental value.  I know this shade was in a favourties post on here a few years back and my opinion hasn't changed at all.

I have to admit, I have quite a lot of purple lipsticks, more than any one person would ever need. Without a doubt though, Heroine is my all time favourite. It is so pigmented and looks great one absolutely every skin tone. I worked on a fashion show were this shade was used on every model so I can say that is honestly beautiful on everyone. Some purples can make you washed out or, worse in my opinion, make your teeth look yellow and I haven't seen that come across at all with this shade.

This is classed as a Matte lipstick but I'm not sure if I would class it as that. Yes it looks matte but it is super hydrating so it doesn't have the negative side of matte lipsticks. Also, its the perfect shade for day and night time wear, all year round. What more could you want!? 

If you are on the look out for the perfect purple lipstick I highly recommend this shade. Ignore my messy pictures!

Do you love this shade? Let me know!
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow and Friday but it all depends on the state of my lips!
G x

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