Tuesday, 22 November 2016

November Lipstick Diary! Day 14!

Hey guys, apologies for no post again yesterday. My boiler blew and yesterday was spent trying to get it fixed. Thank the sweet lord for my dad being a heating engineer, Pops to the rescue!

Back at it today though featuring Mac's Myth Lipstick and Spice liner. 

 As usual, I like to show the combo in different lighting as it can be very different. This combo on me is one of my favourite looks. It is a lovely nude that isn't too over powering. I tend to wear this when I have a very dark smokey look on my eyes. Myth is a 'Satin' Mac finish, which is one of my favourite finishes. It is not matte but not too sheen, so when paired with liner it can look pretty matte. The satin colour pay offs are amazing and they are so easy to apply. Satin finishes are also more hydrating than full matte lipstick so if you were matte often like myself these are a welcomed treat! 

I have to admit I haven't seen this look on many different skin tones and I feel it may be too light for darker ones as it could look washed out. With this said, I adore this look on my pale self.

The lipstick is £15.50 and the liner comes in at £13 so it is still slightly pricey compared to some other liner and lipstick looks. Plus the Mac lipsticks last me years. Must say they weren't 15.50 when I first started buying them...

What do you guys think of this look? Do you have any of the same products?
Let us know! See you tomorrow!
G x

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