Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November Lipstick Diary: Day 11!

If you have been following this lipstick diary you will have noticed that I missed yet another day again yesterday. There was a family emergency and by the time I was home it was after 11pm here in Scotland and I just needed to hit the hay. But let's get right back to it today!

Today's lipstick is MAC's 'New York Apple'. On the website this is described as Muted red with pink shimmer which I think does sum it up nicely, however I think the perfect description would be a candy apple.

Does it not just remind you of a candy apple!? The shiny red look literally makes me want one so bad! I think its the perfect shade for Christmas. It makes me feel so festive!

This is a frost shade so it won't last for hours if you are eating and drinking but it doesn't cause any mess and is really easy to top up. New York Apple is also super hydrating and comes as a relief if you are a matte lipstick lover like myself. Just so you can still finish your look off without pulling even more moisture out of your lips, especially in these winter months!

The frost finish of the colour still makes my lips look nice and full which, lets face it guys, is never gonna be a bad thing!

I know I keep saying super, but I am SUPER in love with this shade and I am a firm believer that it can be wore at any time of the year by every skin tone.

Do you guys love this shade too? Did it ever remind you of a candy apple? Let us know! Need to head to the Christmas markets now to snatch one up!
Until tomorrow chickas,
G x

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