Friday, 28 October 2016

Thats How It Works, It's How You Get The Girl : Gemma's Dating Tips

I don’t have many single friends, however the ones I do have are constantly asking me for advice and tips. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything here (how I wish I could insert a moon face emoji here ha!) but I have been told my tips and tricks work. I’m for sure not a dating expert FOR SURE but I have had my fair share of break up and make ups. I’m not saying these tips will work but I just thought it would be fun just to share what I would do if I was trying to land the boy!

1     1) DO NOT BE NEEDY. Now some people say this goes against feminism this one, for why I am not quite sure as I am encouraging independence but hey, this is the generation we are in where you definitely can’t please anyone. The reason Sam and I work so well is because we give each other space. People may say that it is because we are five years in but even at the start when we wanted to spend every waking moment together, we didn’t. We still knew we had another parts of our life that needed attention. And we gotta admit it girls, as cliché as it sounds, sometimes you just need alone time and there is nothing wrong with that. Boys are the same, if he is out with the boys, he doesn’t need to be bombarded with texts and calls. How annoying! I don’t understand why people do it, I would hate for someone to be constantly checking up on me. This also includes not contanstly bombarding your love interest with calls and texts. In the past, there were guys I had been talking to and for example, when I came out of work there would be 10 missed calls and about 20 texts. Now there is nothing wrong with multiple texting when you are really comfortable with the person. But all this does when you first start speaking to someone screams SECURITY!! It is so creepy and off putting. I know at the start all you want to do is text back right away, but trust me if you wait a while and replying saying ‘Sorry I was out’ and continue the conversation without saying else about it, you will definitely grab their attention. You still got to focus on yourself and not be overbearing. Oldest one in the book but its true. This will only make your relationship more comfortable. Added bonus.. his friends will love you. I can’t tell you how many times Sam’s friends have said ‘I can’t believe you let him play his xbox when you are there!’ Ummmm why would I not?

22)      I’M NOT GONNA DISS YOU ON THE INTERNET. I cannot stress this one enough. There is nothing more embarrassing than when people are posting comments and statues saying things such as ‘Oh lol, bae has pied me again. Guess that is that.’ And such. You get the gist. It is not only going to stop the person from talking to you ever again, it is also really embarrassing for everyone else to read. When I see people posting things like this, I cringe so much my insides hurt. Text your pals. You are doing yourself no favours here. If you post about someone you aren’t even in a relationship with, what the heck are you going to do to the poor soul if you end up in one. Relationships need to grow and develop in private. If you really want to post someone to get them to notice. I recommend song lyrics so you can back track if you change your mind. I even cringe at the fact I done it at 14, thank goodness I learned!

33)      ENCOURAGE! When you are with bae, there is so much you can do to get him to pay attention, especially in a big group. It is so Cher in Clueless by my lord it works. Boys are so easy persuaded sometimes, bless them! And because we can’t all be Cher and afford to send ourselves gifts. There are for sure other ways such as, rubbing your collar bone, making eye , contact with a cheeky smile and rubbing their arm etc! When I was 17, biting my bottom lip slightly (CHEEKY!) always worked for me. But that is so cringey to admit now!

44)      ENJOY! The start of new relationship are so much fun and probably the best memories which you will never be able to have again so make the most of it! Don’t over analyse everything, go with the flow and if it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t! Just enjoy the experience and excitement of meeting someone new!

Ok so that is it! This is in all good humour and not to be taken too seriously! Let me know if you have any tips and tricks that helped you land your significant other. We are all in this together!

Until next time!

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