Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lets Take It Back To The Start..

Aloha Chickens! Ok so if you are reading this, you are probably thinking ‘I followed this blog years ago and it just stopped appearing on my home page.’ Well that is all about to change my friends as I am back and I hope you guys are still with us! This time it is for keeps. I haven’t posted since January when I got engaged and life has been pretty crazy. Since then I have moved house, started a new job, went to Vegas and much more. It hasn’t all been hunky dory though, not to sound like a blogger cliché but also had a mental health diagnose and during all this I barely got out of bed to eat never mind consider writing a post. However, I’m feeling better and I am back with a much more postivie and optimistic outlook for our little piece of the internet. Before I felt like I was just posting for the sake of it, my content wasn’t good, neither was the writing.  Now I am brimming with ideas and hope I get back into the swing of it!

Starting November, I want to start a lipstick diary with a different lipstick swatch and review EVERY Monday to Friday. Fingers crossed I can actually keep up and not let life get in the way.

So friends, I hope you are still with us all these months later. I have missed you.
To Tartan Fairytales!

Lots of Love,
G x

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