Friday, 9 October 2015

Where have you been Gemma?!

Oh my days you guys! How bad am I with blogging these days?! Back in the day I would schedule posts when I was going on holiday and everything! Now I can't even put up a post when I'm free! It is due to a mix of being away travelling, having a new job in which I work like 50 hours a week and honestly? Pure laziness as well! But I seriously miss blogging so I promise I am going to get straight back into it. No more slacking! So here is a little up date on what I've been up to in these three months...

Travelling around Thailand!
So you guy (if you have read my previous posts) knew Sam and I were travelling around Thailand in July/August. Ughhhh guys, I can't recommend it enough. You have to visit Thailand once in your lifetime. I am going to do a proper Thailand post as this is just a little catch up post. We visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket & Maya Bay. Here are a few random Thailand pics...

My dream job!
When I came home I finally started my dream job as a full time Make Up Artist in Tartan Llips make up salon in Glasgow City centre! How weird is it that I get a job in a place that also has tartan in the name!? If you are interested in seeing my work you can see my business Facebook Gemma Stewart Make Up. I've already started posting some Halloween looks and I am hoping I get some time to post up tutorials of Halloween looks up here! Here's a lil sneak peek of what you can expect on my Facebook...

I then visited Dubai last week for my aunts 50th. I know, I have no savings to my name. I've already decided that I'm going to have my hen week here. I'm not engaged or anything, but that doesn't matter right?! I am so in love with Dubai and can't wait to go back.

Family homecoming!
Ok so probably the most important thing that's happened since I have last blogged and probably the main thing keeping me from blogging is that my big cousin and her beautiful little girl (who I call my niece) have moved back home from Australia to good old Glasgow! So most of my free time has been spent with them making up for lost time. It's so good to have them home.

So that's where I have been and why I have been slacking so much! But now, hopefully as I am back into a proper routine, I can get right back into blogging regularly. I've missed you guys!

Until next time!
G x