Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fullips review!

Okay, so a good few months ago Kylie Jenner's lips were the talk of the town and so many people were trying anything to get the same kind look!

So being the sucker that I am, I bought one of the things people were suggesting!  

I have a thin top lip, but a fuller bottom lip so went with the medium Fullips. And was pleasantly surprised to find out it actually worked! 

Fullips is a natural lips enhancer, and even though it is temporary fix, it's still a really good one at that!
Below is my results!

You can purchase Fullips here or here!

Have any of you tried out Fullips?! 
We'd love to know what you think!!

Until next time,
-L x

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Holy Chic!

Hi guys!
Just a quick wee post today on a few finds I found whilst out shopping today! 

The jumper which reads "Holy Chic!" which I think is so good was only £5.99 in H&M!!
Six quid!!

So I paired it with 2 different items of clothing, which I also found for cheap!

First up is this gorgeous white skirt from H&M which believe it or not, only cost me a fiver! 
It was in the sale section, so def worth a lil rummage in there!

Secondly, I paired it with a pair of light wash cropped jeans from Primark, which were reduced down to £5 too! They also came in black, white & ripped lightwash too! So make sure to check the next time you pop in to primark!

I finished off both outfits with some pointed nude court shoes from Dorothy Perkins, got these a while back though, but any nude shoes will go perfect!

You can find the jumper here & in store too!
They have a few variations of the jumper!

Until next time,
- L x