Monday, 15 June 2015

TooFaced Melted Lipstick Review!

Hey guys, so if you seen my previous NYC Haul post you will have seen that I picked up one of the TooFaced Melted Lipsticks (I'm not even sure they are classed as lipsticks) and I finally got round to wearing it and thought I would let you guys know what I thought.

The colour I picked up was 'Melted Marshmallow' which is a beautiful pale pink that I thought would be great for every day wear.

This is what Melted Marshmallow looked like on.. AFTER 8 COATS!!! I'm not even kidding guys I had to lather this on my lips to get any kind of colour payoff. When applied to my lips it felt like I had actually dipped them in oil. I was desperate to wipe it off straight after it touched them. But I decided to keep it on and persevere!

The product probably lasted about an hour and a half on my lips before it came completely invisible, however the awful oil feeling was still there. So I then took it off. 

After I took it off my lips were crazy, crazy dry and this is what the looked like! I couldn't believe it! They were totally fine before I applied my melted lipstick. I am so so gutted, I have wanted one since they came out and I really thought I was going to love it. I have to say I will probably give this away to someone else and hopefully they will get on with it. I will definitely not be purchasing another. I find it all so strange though as I have never seen anyone not like this product! Everyone absolutely raves about them! Oh well you win some you lose some!

Have any of you guys used one of these lipstick/glosses and found the same problems? 
Am I doing something wrong? Can I rectify this?!
Let us know guys!
G x

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