Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How I Contour!

Hey y'all! One of my favourite things to do, make up wise, is contour! It is such a big trend these days and I do admit that I love it. So I thought I would share with you, how I contour my faces, Which is also how I contour most of my clients!

So this is me just with my base done (foundation, concealer), brows and mascara! My cheek bones aren't actually that bad before I contour anyway but I still do it! 

I use this cream shadow palette from MAC to contour. The darkest brown shade at the bottom. With the real techniques blush brush.

I then do the 'suck-your-cheeks-in-pout' contour face we all know and love! And apply the product just under my actual cheekbone.

I also contour the bottom of my chin and around my forehead. 

For highlighting I use Garnier Tinted Roll-On in Light. Which believe it or not is the exact same on that featured in Laura and I's second ever post here on Tartan Fairytales way back in October 2013! I am going to be heartbroken when this runs out! 

Then I apply this all over the usual areas. Just under the line I applied my contour on my cheeks. Underneath my eye going all the way down to were my contour is. In the middle of my forehead and just around my cupid's bow.

I just use the brush I use to apply my foundation and buff that all in together, really making sure it is all blended together

I then grab my Nars Laguna bronzer.

& apply this to were I had already placed the cream product that I had buffed in just before this step.

I then blend this by going up and down it with my brush.


Onto my highlight that I place above my blended in Laguna and around the end of my brow. This one was a limited edition MAC mineralize skinfinish in Superb. My fave ever! 

This is my finished face!
Apologies about my hair, I hadn't even brushed it yet, hey ho!
I know this seems like a lot of make up and I don't do this everyday!

So that is how I contour, do you do any of the same steps or use any of the same products?
Let us know!
G x

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