Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Anywhere is home, with friends like ours.

Hey guys!
Long time, no speak. Work has been crazy busy lately and I haven't had time to blog lately! 
So my favourite band is The Maine from Arizona. I've loved them for years and were one of the first artists I ever bought on iTunes when I got my first iPod. An EP called Stay Up, Get Down and since then they have just got better and better. 

American Candy, is their latest masterpiece. 
A follow up from a much darker Forever Halloween, another of their amazing albums!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

My Current Lipstick Routine.

Hey guys! So something I change daily is my lipstick routine. I never really wear the same lipstick day after day. However I done this routine the other day and I can't stop going back to it! I am so in love with it. This is how it looks..

So the first thing I do, is line my lips with Rimmel's Precision Eyeliner pencil in 'Brown'. Never one for using products for what they are actually meant. Going in slightly around my cupid's bow and in the corners of my mouth. Blending as I go, to create an ombre effect. Then I go over everything with MAC's 'Free as a Butterfly' from the Cinderella collection. And that is you! I have been receiving so many compliments on this look and I really am loving it!

Let us know if you like this look!
Until next time,
Lots of Love,
G x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Illamasqua Wishlist!

OH MY DAYS! It has nearly been a full month since my last post! I am so sorry guys. 
So I will just get right into this post. For years I have been a fan of Illamasqua but saying that, I was so obsessed with MAC. (these hoesssss are loyal). I didn't really branch out into other brands. Now I'm a little bit older (and being a make up artist helps too), I have started to branch out to more brands and more products. Right now I am really really loving Illamasqua. I love their individuality and their artistry and basically everything they stand for. So these are a few items that I am definitely picking up on pay day.


Ok so I must admit this does look a little scary! However the reviews look amazing and I am so excited to try this out. It is the prefect product for makeup artists as it apparently works on all skin tones so I can't wait to test that out. I have read that if you apply it with the palm of your hand it gives the most stunning subtle contour. I just love multi use products that are this versatile. So exciting!


I have been lusting after this lippy for YEARS. Which makes no sense as I haven't actually purchased it. I think it is just as there is only one Illamasqua counter near me and its around 20 minutes away, so I haven't actually be able to swatch it. But then I keep going back to wanting it so may as well bite the bullet! And if it turns out that I don't like it (which I highly doubt!). I can always use it for my kit. So winwin I guess!


I seen this colour in a YouTube video and ughhhh I am in love. Admittedly, I have many many blushes but they are heavily neglected. I don't often wear blush. No rhyme or reason why! But I know this will get a lot of loving. 


I have been using the same sleek eyebrow duo for years, since Laura and I picked it up in superdrug. Don't get me wrong I still love it and use it everyday but I just want to try something different due to the fact I have been using the same thing for years and I don't really branch out with the products I use on my brows. I love that this can be used wet and dry so I am really excited to try this out!

So that is what I am lusting after from Illamasqua. Do you own any of these products? Is there anything else from Illamasqua that you recommend? Let us know!

Lots of Love,
G x