Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Things I Don't Understand About Boys!

Hey guys! So after my last post which was a serious & very much debbie downer post, I wanted to do something a little more fun! 

So one of my favourite YouTubers is Jim Chapman and around a year/two years ago he made videos called 'Things I Don't Understand About Girls' and I thought they were hilarious! So I thought I would do the same kind of idea.. on things I don't understand about boys! You can watch one of Jim's original videos here.

I just want to say that this won't be an attack on boys obviously! Its just somethings that I am simply confused by. I have been blessed with an amazing dad, brother,  boyfriend and loads of male relatives so these are just things from my own views on things I've observed from them and the general male public!

How can you not use bags!? Where do you keep all your stuff!
Ok this may seem so simple but I just don't get it! Especially on nights out! Like where do you keep your money, mobile phone, keys, ID? I understand you have pockets but surely that all doesn't fit in pockets?! How do you not lose everything?? Baffled.

Judging us fabulous gals for wearing make-up.
Obviously this is only certain boys and doesn't apply to them all. But I'm sure you have all seen those memes on facebook or twitter with a before and after pic of a girl, saying something like 'this is why you take a girl swimming on a first date.' EWGH. I know that, personally, I don't wear make-up for anyone except myself. I love applying it as it is so fun for me to do and it makes me feel more comfortable about myself. So why do boys care? Why do they act like we are lying to them. Honey you can't honestly think my eyelids are naturally taupe with catflicks! Just to let you know though boys, we look just as good natural!

I am such a big advocate for men using skincare. Especially young boys going through puberty etc. It makes the world of difference to oily skin, acne and things like that. But most men don't want to because it is 'too girly??' Your peers won't be saying that boys when they are asking how your skin ended up so perfect! And when they do use it, they don't buy their own, they just steal whatever their female companion has! Go out and get yourself some moisturiser boys.

I love Sam, I really do. But when he gets a case on 'manflu' I seriously consider going into hiding until he is better. Why can't boys handle the flu? Girls have to deal with it whilst cleaning, cooking, looking after little people, making daily visits to ASDA and working!! When Sam gets it, he has to be constantly spooned, brought hot drinks and basically not move from bed. Feeling very sorry for himself! Similar to what my male family members are like. Man up!

Obsessing over football.
I just don't understand. Boys spend so much time and money on this game! The amount of hours that I will never get back, wasted watching football games with Sam is insane. The worst thing is, a lot of them time, it isn't even their team! I have watched games from all over the worlds with team names that I can't even attempted to pronounce, under 18's games and so on, just because they were on TV? Why!!! 

Obviously, due to the fact I'm not a boy, I didn't have to go through the changes that boys do. But I literally do not understand how boys can be go hairy everywhere! Chest, back, arms, armpits, legs, feet, hands, snailtrail... everywhere! And it is never a little bit, there is always loads! Where does it come from!?!?!

Hands in pants.
I am sure that I am not the only person that hates this!? Why do guys find it acceptable to walk about in public with their hand CLEARLY cupping their genitals? Walking about around the shops with their friends keeping their hands warm!? THIS IS NOT OK!! What logic makes you boys think that this is going to do anything than repulse people. Then you see them open a door or something with the penis hand and you know its definitely time to go home because it could have been anywhere! Failing that, rushing to Boots for hand sanitizer...

So that is some stuff that I really don't understand about boys! This was a really fun post to get me back into the swing of things. Are you a boy that does any of these things? Can you shed some night for us? Or do you know any boys that do any of the same kind of things? Let us know!

Until next time,
love you all loads!
G x

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