Wednesday, 18 March 2015

MAC X CINDERELLA - Coupe D' Chic Iridescent Powder

Hey guys! So I have to admit the MAC X CINDERELLA collection got me really excited. Normally I only like a few things from the collections and don't get too worked up about them. This was a very different case. I don't know why but I was in love with nearly everything. So personally I ordered, the iridescent powder, eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a pigment. However, even though I checked out just over a minute after the collection went live AND after I had a dispatch email, I then received another email saying that my pigment was sold out and I would receive a refund for it. I personally think they just forgot about it... but hey oh! So I thought I would do an individual review on the products I bought, firstly, the iridescent powder!

I have read a few refuse on this and I have seen that a lot of people don't enjoy it. I, though, think it is beautiful. MAC describes this product as 'light golden peach with a solid shimmer'. I really do agree with this. The shimmer is very obvious in the pan. On the few reviews I read about this, a few people were saying that it ended up making their pores look a lot larger than what they are. However, in the words of Regina George.. My pores are huge! And I don't feel like it made them look any bigger than what they are. I use this as a highlight and blush and I have read that people have been applying this powder all over their face. This baffles me! The product is semi sheer but you still get the peachy tint with it so I don't really understand why people have been using this as an actual powder..
With a primer underneath my makeup, this powder lasted about 8 hours which was great!
I really have been enjoying this product. The adorable light blue shimmer packaging makes it all that more adorable!

Did you guys manage to get your hands on anything from the Cinderella Collection?
Did you like anything from this collection?
Or did you pick up this powder, what did you think about the powder?

Let us know!
G x

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