Monday, 2 February 2015

Exercise on the High Street!

Hey beauties! So if one of your 2015 resolutions was to fit the gym and get a little fitter, you will know how expensive kitting yourself out in the correct work out attire is. Especially is you are getting it from places such as Nike & Adidas. However, workout wear has been popping up all over the high street for a fraction of the price! Here are some of my faves..


So the Missguided collection is simply called 'Active' and it is my fave fitness collection yet!

Active Cross Back Sports Bra - £10

Ok, until I have a body like JLO I'd never have the balls to wear just a sports bra to the gym! However I do think this is really pretty.

Active Racer Back Train Dirty Gym Vest Grey - £14

Now grey isn't the best colour to wear when working out as it shows up sweat like nothing else. And they do have this is black but grey is my colour!
I think the train dirty on the sides is just so fun!

Active Print Panel Cropped Gym Leggings Peach - £14

The names are so long aren't they! I love the black with the peach. It is such a good mix of fitness with a feminine touch! I love leggings like this for the gym as they give you the comfort to be able to move freely and safely.

Active Contrast Marl Cropped Gym Leggings Grey - £14

Just another cute pair of leggings. I feel like these would be able to go with loads of other gym stuff.

So that is just some of my faves from the missguided collection.I feel like they have really nailed this collection on the head. Such cute stuff and so affordable!
On to my other fave high street fitness wear collection.

New Look

New Look's collection is simply just called sportswear and I love it!

Purple Active Jacquard Sports Vest - £12.99

I have loads of vests and tees like this from places like Nike. They are great for working out as they are so light. You won't feel like you are burning up, you sweat less and feel less restricted.
Always my go to tops for working out!

Black Contrast Sports Vest - £9.99

Simple and plain! I love the little bit of purple detail in this. Just makes it that slightly more girly. Everyone needs a black top for working out right?

Black Contrast Gym Leggings - £17.99 

I love the purple and grey panels at the top of the leggings. I haven't seen anything else similar to these and I think they are so cute! And again they aren't the type of trousers that will restrict your work out.

So they are my favourites from the New Look collection. Just like the Missguided, the stuff is really cute with such affordable prices. Which lets be honest, makes sticking to that resolution that bit easier!

The only thing I have to say about sportswear that is available on the high street is that although the clothes are amazing, stick to actual sports brands for your footwear. I know they are expensive but they really are worth it as that is the purpose of the shoe so therefore save injury. Whereas shoes from high street stores aren't actual gym shoes and are only for fashion purposes! - They knowledge/joys that come from working all day in a shoe shop!

Have you guys checked out the sportswear that is available on the high street? Are you loving it as much as me? Let us know!

G x


  1. Misguided and Forever21 have a fantastic range exercise clothing!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Haven't even thought of forever 21! Will need to check theirs out! x