Monday, 16 February 2015

Current favourite songs!

Hey guys,

I thought I'd do a post on my current favourite songs. They are a mixture of current and some older ones but all that i've had on repeat lately!

Ugh. This man's voice is so good, his whole album is absolutely glorious - listen if you haven't already. I seen him in November of last year and he was just as amazing live as on the album, which is quite rare these days! And was also so good to see Hozier and his beautiful man bun in all their glory. Also loving Jackie and Wilson and Cherry Wine from his album!

Okay, so this song is like 2 years old but I still love it so much, and recently rediscovered it whilst perusing through YouTube. It's so catchy and after a few listens you can't help but rap along. Also currently loving IDFWU as well. Def a Big Sean lover! 

This gem was shown to me by my best friends lil sister, who is obsessed with Prides, and now I can't stop listening to it. I love the original version of the song too, but I feel like this has just a wee bit more which I like just a lil bit more! They also do an amazing mashup of 2014 hits which is also so so good and features Nick Jonas, Iggy Azalea and my personal faves The 1975. You should definitely  check this band out!

My favourite band of all time disappeared for a while at the end of last year, to work on a new album and they are finally back! The new song they have released was defo worth the wait, I've preordered the album and can't wait to hear it all! The album is out on the 31st of March

I'm loving loads of songs of Meghan Trainor's album but this is 100% my favourite one! It's so sassy and I love that! I've got to be honest, I delayed listening to this purely because of some of her comments to the media but I'm so glad I actually listened to it. It's full of great songs!

So that's just 5 of the songs I can't stop listening to!
What songs are you loving lately?

Until next time,
- L x

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