Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Body Issues.

Ok guys and gals, I feel like this post will be very preachy and whiny. Which I apologise for in advanced. I have no plan for this post and basically will just be writing whatever comes into my head as it does. I just feel like I wanna write about this so here goes... Body Issues.

Let me tell you a little about me that I have probably mentioned in previous posts.. I am 5ft 1inch. Back in  the end of 2011/ start of 2012 I weighed 8stone 3 to 8stone 5. This is healthy and there is nothing wrong with this but I was very unhappy and decided to do something about it. So about a year later in 2013 I weighed 7stone 2. Which has remained since really. I go between 7stone 2 up to 7stone 4 and never really change outside of those areas. However today I weighed myself, after a weekend away filled with booze and loads of food and the scales horrified me when it flashed up saying 7stone 5 and 1/3. 

WHY?! Why did I burst into tears when I weigh precisely 1 pound over my normal? What is so wrong in my brain that I obsess over my weight? Why do I know what the calorie count is for most foods? Why do I cry 98% of the time when I look at my body? And why do I think about things like exercise, foods and my weight most of the time?  

The biggest question.. why has this become the normal in our society? Why is there so much pressure on how we are supposed to look? I try to work out every day, I try my best to eat at least decently so why am I still so tough on myself?

I recently read an article by Iona St Joesph from buzzfeed which you can read here, that showed what the same size jeans looked like from 10 different high street stores. I love this! Personally I have a pair of mom jeans from River Island that hang of me and I had to put an extra hole in a belt to make them wearable.. but then in the same size I have a another pair of high waisted jeans that I have to lie down, hold my breath and wriggle just to get them on! So why is this happening? This is obviously doing nothing to help promote a healthy body image when you are constantly having to change clothing sizes!?

Why is it than when I see a picture of a celebrity that has gain weight, I find it more surprising than a picture of a celebrity that is very very skinny.

Why does this picture of this gorgeous Kelly Clarkson shock me more than this infamous picture of Nicole Richie? Is it because the one of Nicole is an old one? Or is it because the media makes such a big deal when a celebrity gains a bit of weight? I simply googled Kelly Clarkson's name for a picture of her and the amount of articles that appeared, shaming her for gaining weight was disgusting. This is such a shame that due to the media we see this as shocking. That this has actually made news?! The media should be focusing on celebrities talents and not their weight surely?

I understand that basically this post is just rambling and probably won't make loads of sense. I do hope when you read this you understand that I am not 'fat-shaming' or 'skinny-shaming'. I am just wanting to get across that everyone should feel confident in their owns bodies. The other day one of my best friends tweeted that she was feeling really great in herself, really self-confident and that she wished everyone could feel the way she was feeling. I nearly cried when I read this because I felt so unbelievably happy for her.

So guys I am reaching out to see if you have any tips of feeling confident in yourselves and loving your body. Because I have to admit to you all, the way I feel recently is really bringing my whole mood down constantly. My poor best friends have all had at least one text with me breaking down, in hysterics about how much I hate my body. And I really don't want to be this way forever! 

I am sorry for getting so deep and personal on you all but I just had to vent on what I feel like is a big issue and hope you don't mind me saying all this! I promise I will be back to nice and cheery posts after this!

Lots of Love,
G x

Monday, 16 February 2015

Current favourite songs!

Hey guys,

I thought I'd do a post on my current favourite songs. They are a mixture of current and some older ones but all that i've had on repeat lately!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift!

Hey everyone! So I'm gonna keep this intro short and sweet! So valentine's day is tomorrow and this is what I have made Sam for it. I got this idea from Lauren Conrad's website, you can see her original post here. So basically we are making a stick of dynamite for our loved ones! And here is how to do it... 

You will need:
Red Tissue Paper
3 Rolo Packets
2 Black Pipe Cleaners

Step 1: Lay out a piece of your red tissue paper

Step 2:  Cut the sheet in half

Step 3: Place the packet of Rolos at the bottom of the tissue paper and roll it up until the other end of the paper..

Step 4: Sellotape the edges of the paper together
It should look like this..

Step 5: Cut of the edges of the paper

Step 6: It should look like this, you should be able to see the gold wrapping

Step 7: Place the three finished packets together and sellotape to keep them in place

Step 8: Tie one of the pipe cleaners around the three and knot at the front.
Step 9: Cut the other pipe cleaner and place in between the three packets, then cut the top of this piece so it looks like a fuse

Step 10:  Attach a message! I went for 'U DA BOMB!'. We aren't a cheesy couple ha!

So that is the valentine's day bomb! I love Lauren Conrad's site for cute ideas like this. Makes occasions like valentine's day just a little bit more personal and unique.

Have you got your loved ones a gift for valentine's day!?
Let us know and have a great day!

Till next time,
G x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's Day Look!

Hey guys! So Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Which does mean that blogs and youtube will be filled with different Valentine's looks, this included! This is the first year Sam and I are actually going out for dinner. We don't really think it is a big deal and normally we just stay in and he makes me dinner but he is in the mist of moving house so we thought hey, lets just go out! So this will probably be the look I wear on the night as it is so easy to do. It is also subtle yet sultry and I am really liking it! So this is what I done... 

I used this little MAC palette that I got for Christmas one year. I am so sorry but I couldn't find the name of it anywhere or what the shades are called. If I manage to find out I will let you all know!

I put the third colour from the palette into my crease using a MAC 224 brush to blend it while applying. I then applied the light pink colour (fourth one) onto my lid.

I then put the third colour onto my outer V - the first picture in this row. PLEASE PLEASE do not ever leave your shadows like this guys. People will just wonder why you haven't blended. Blending is life! So I then blended it all out with another clean 224 brush. I then took the third colour under my lash line until half way in and then I used the second colour on the inner part and blended the two. I did all this using my 219 brush. (FAVE EVER!)

Just a little pic of how your shadows should look after blending!

I then lined my eyes on th upper lash line, water line and a little flick with Maybelline gel liner and and the mascara I used was TooFaced's Lashgasm.

All I had done before my eye was applied foundation so then I filled in my brows, slightly contoured and highlighted and I was done!

So I can never take a nice picture of my face which leads to this serious posing! After nearly having an extreme meltdown I decided to do a Kylie Jenner and use my hand. Classic! 
This is my finished look and I really hope you guys like it! Let me know if you recreate it or do something similar. I think it is both perfect for a romantic dinner day or a night out with the girls!

Hopefully I can get a post up on what I am making for Sam for Valentine's Day, time isn't my best friend just now but I will try!

I am also thinking about filming my make-up tutorials as I feel like they would be better for everyone to see what I am actually doing? Not YouTube, just on here! Let me know what you guys think about this idea?! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's with your loved ones whether you are single or in a relationship!

Till next time,
G x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash!

Hey guys, 

So whilst browsing about on insta, I saw a few posts about Benefit's new mascara Roller Lash, and the pics looked fab. It's not out until March but Elle magazine were doing a lil trial of it and I knew I had to get my hands on it! 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Exercise on the High Street!

Hey beauties! So if one of your 2015 resolutions was to fit the gym and get a little fitter, you will know how expensive kitting yourself out in the correct work out attire is. Especially is you are getting it from places such as Nike & Adidas. However, workout wear has been popping up all over the high street for a fraction of the price! Here are some of my faves..


So the Missguided collection is simply called 'Active' and it is my fave fitness collection yet!

Active Cross Back Sports Bra - £10

Ok, until I have a body like JLO I'd never have the balls to wear just a sports bra to the gym! However I do think this is really pretty.

Active Racer Back Train Dirty Gym Vest Grey - £14

Now grey isn't the best colour to wear when working out as it shows up sweat like nothing else. And they do have this is black but grey is my colour!
I think the train dirty on the sides is just so fun!

Active Print Panel Cropped Gym Leggings Peach - £14

The names are so long aren't they! I love the black with the peach. It is such a good mix of fitness with a feminine touch! I love leggings like this for the gym as they give you the comfort to be able to move freely and safely.

Active Contrast Marl Cropped Gym Leggings Grey - £14

Just another cute pair of leggings. I feel like these would be able to go with loads of other gym stuff.

So that is just some of my faves from the missguided collection.I feel like they have really nailed this collection on the head. Such cute stuff and so affordable!
On to my other fave high street fitness wear collection.

New Look

New Look's collection is simply just called sportswear and I love it!

Purple Active Jacquard Sports Vest - £12.99

I have loads of vests and tees like this from places like Nike. They are great for working out as they are so light. You won't feel like you are burning up, you sweat less and feel less restricted.
Always my go to tops for working out!

Black Contrast Sports Vest - £9.99

Simple and plain! I love the little bit of purple detail in this. Just makes it that slightly more girly. Everyone needs a black top for working out right?

Black Contrast Gym Leggings - £17.99 

I love the purple and grey panels at the top of the leggings. I haven't seen anything else similar to these and I think they are so cute! And again they aren't the type of trousers that will restrict your work out.

So they are my favourites from the New Look collection. Just like the Missguided, the stuff is really cute with such affordable prices. Which lets be honest, makes sticking to that resolution that bit easier!

The only thing I have to say about sportswear that is available on the high street is that although the clothes are amazing, stick to actual sports brands for your footwear. I know they are expensive but they really are worth it as that is the purpose of the shoe so therefore save injury. Whereas shoes from high street stores aren't actual gym shoes and are only for fashion purposes! - They knowledge/joys that come from working all day in a shoe shop!

Have you guys checked out the sportswear that is available on the high street? Are you loving it as much as me? Let us know!

G x