Monday, 1 December 2014

O-T-K Boots!

Hey guys! So a massive trend this A/W seems to be Over The Knee boots. & I have to admit that I too obsessed with them! You would think that being 5ft 1 I would be put off over the knee boots but nope! I need them all!

I love seeing these boots on celebs and seeing how they style them. Here are a few of my faves..

pics from google

You HAVE to love Jenner/Kardashian/Cyrus look! I feel like all three of these woman have completely different styles and it just shows that whatever your style is, there is a way for you to rock over the knee boots!

Here are a few faves I have found online/in the high street stores..

Public Desire

When it comes to boots I am definetely more of a suede gal. However all the boots that I am posting from public desire also come in faux leather if that is more your style! These beauts are called Geneva and come in at £34.99! I have actually ordered these for myself.

Again these ones come in faux leather! These boots are called Karys and they are super affordable at £32.99!


I am not the biggest fan of chunky heels on boots but I know loads of other people love them so I had to include these. From TopShop, these are the most expensive ones on the list at £135 but for over the knee boots, they still aren't a bad price. These particular boots are called Carbon Knee High Boots.


I love this boot! I think it might be my fave from the whole list, however with Christmas coming up I just don't have the disposable fund. Good thing the public desire ones are basically a dupe for these! (In my eyes anyway). These ones are £120 and are called Neve.

For my last O-T-K boot I thought I would include a pair without heels as I know the heeled versions aren't for everyone. This way you are still able to achieve the over the knee look but still be comfortable if you aren't used to wearing heels daily! This pair come in at £110 and are called Nova.

So those are my fave O-T-K boots from online and the high street! 
How do you guys feel about these boots and O-T-K boots? Are you loving this trend?
Let us know!

 G x

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