Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015.

*picture from Tumblr

I don't know about you but 2014 was one of the best years of my life.
I tried so many new things this year, made so many new friends who I now class as some of my best, I turned 21 and celebrated with my friends and family and so many more fun memories.
I am so so excited for everything 2015 will bring.

Last year, I done a post listing things I'd like to do and the only thing I didn't manage to do was get another tattoo... But it's the 29th of December as I write this and I'm swaying with the idea to see if I can get an appointment tomorrow and go get one... We shall see. I did do a few midnight drives, but not many pictures were taken, a lot of songs sung though. Hehe. 

This year, I definitely was more spontaneous, which is how I ended up with a new group of friends by saying yes to going out and having fun. I worried less, well... less than last year! I also seen a lot of gigs as well, I was lucky enough to see The Maine on my 21st Birthday with my two best friends. Then headed to the pub where I was greeted with birthday hugs and Sambuca!! And then had a house party which was so much fun & I am so grateful for the love I received on my birthday. I also got to see The 1975, Hozier, Miley Cyrus and Modern Baseball to name a few!

I felt a lot more confident in myself this year and I know it's 100% down to the company I am in. It's so great to know you have friends who will always tell you their true opinion. I'm such a lucky girl.

A wee collage of photos from throughout the year. Best times with the best people. 
I'm so buzzing for 2015, and celebrating the New Year with my favourites. 

Hope you all have an amazing time celebrating this year & you hope you all kiss someone cute at midnight! 

- L x


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