Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - Homemade Candles!

Hey guys!
I'm finally getting round to posting about one of my favourite Christmas gift ideas, one I'm actually doing as gifts for my friends & family - Homemade candles!

The first thing you want to do is fill a large pot about half way with water and let it heat up, then you can pop a smaller pot inside that and pour in your wax! I didn't do this with any specific measurements, but i'd say at least 1 & a half cup full!

Let the wax melt into the pot, but be careful not to let the water underneath to get too hot and bubble into the wax! I learned the hard way with that!

As the wax is melting, it's the perfect time to get your glass ready to pour the wax in! I used lolly sticks to keep the wick steady whilst pouring! I criss crossed them for a better hold.

By the time you've set that up, the wax should be pretty much fully melted, and then it'll be time to add your colouring and scent! I went for a really nice green colour for my candles which I got from eBay, and the scent I chose was called Christmas Spice, and it smelt amazing!!

This was the last of my colouring so I ended up chucking the whole lot in, but you don't need half as much as this!

And for scent I used about half a teaspoon, and that was just the perfect amount!

Once you give it all a good mix it's time to pour it into your jug and then into your glass!

The wick can move slightly, so be sure to adjust it before the wax sets around it!

And Voila... Your finished result!

I left mine to harden over night and then it's time to package them up ready to give them!
I bought some snowflake cellophane bags from eBay, popped the candles in, tied some silver ribbon I had from wrapping presents around the neck of the bag, and finished off with a gorgeous handmade tag I also got from eBay! I added on 3 small little jingle bells as a wee finishing touch!

I think these make great gifts for people, as the totally appreciate the effort gone in to making them! This is actually my second year making them and they went down a treat the last time! So fingers crossed they'll have the same reaction this year!!

Defo check on eBay for all the supplies to make candles - so much cheaper than getting them from somewhere like HobbyCraft etc! 

Until next time!
- L x

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