Wednesday, 26 November 2014

MAC Cosmetics Objects of Affections Pigments - Pink & Rose!

Hey guys! I just love when MAC go live with their holiday collections as you are always able to find amazing deals! 
The first thing that got my eye from all the holiday collections this year was the little mini pigment sets. These include 4 mini pigments and 1 mini glitter. All this for £26, I repeat TWENTY SIX POUNDS. When normally one full sized pigment is £17. This is such a good offer for money as even though they aren't full sized, the chances of running out of a MAC pigment is slim! 
Ok enough rambling, lets show you the set!

Ok, so, the set comes in this lovely glitter effect box with a silhouette on top. Really lovely as far as boxes go and I think it would be great just  to keep some stuff in. The pink and rose set comes with a grey/black lid.

In my opinion, the colours in this set are just stunning and will be gorgeous on all skin tones. Using this for a smokey eye in the winter will be something else and I am so excited to use them. The MAC site lists the colours (from L-R) as Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches (the glitter) and then Heritage Rouge.

As it is starting to get dark at like 2pm here in Scotland I found it really difficult to get a good pic/swatch for you guys as the lighting is always off! Hopefully you can see just how stunning these pigments are. & for that price can you really go wrong? I think the 2nd is the most beautiful and think it will be amazing either all over the lid and blended itself or with all the others. & the first one will  be a gorgeous highlight! As you can probably tell, I am very excited by these pigments! 

Do any of you guys have these sets? UGH I should have got them all! WHY!! Still time though right guys? Let us know if you have picked up one of the MAC holiday sets and how you are getting on with them? 

Until next time guys!
G x

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