Monday, 3 November 2014

BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush Palette!

Hey lovelies!

Can't believe it's November already! Feels like I've blinked and the year is almost over, but only means we are closer to my favourite time of year! Christmas!!

I got this beauty in the post the other day, after spending an evening looking at all the pretty makeup on Amazon! I couldn't resist this palette, and for only £13 I couldn't pass it up! 

This palette has everything you could need for contouring and highlighting - a personal favourite of mine. I've tried many different ways of doing it; cream and powder and I think this palette might have swayed me to say that powder is my favourite! 

The colours are so pigmented and blend so well. 

The palette comes with 6 matte colours, for all your higlighting, contouring and blush needs!

The only thing I'd pick up on is that the blush colours are a lot darker than on the picture online, but that's expected with things like these! But they are gorgeous colours so I can't complain!

I managed to score this lil beauty on Amazon which you can have a lil look for yourself here.

Let us know if you have this palette or want to try it out!

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